Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ML HH: Bon Chon

I completely forgot to post about this Midtown Lunch Happy Hour. It was awhile ago, back in March. In the forums, a bunch of commenters agreed to go to Bon Chon to try some of their deliciously fried chicken and to wash it down with some soju. For some, it was a first experience. For others, it reminded them of how good Korean fried chicken can be and how dangerous flavored soju can be.

A bunch of us headed out to the 38th St and 6th Avenue location. Why that specific one? So we can use our Groupons and Scoutmobs. We're thrifty! With some negotiating, we were able to finagle more coupons to be used and the waitresses were rewarded later on with a nice tip.

I wasn't very hungry that day so I split a combo meal with Cheeeeeeeese. We had half spicy and half garlic with drumsticks and wings. Some turnip was provided to help keep the spice level tolerant. Though, I don't find their chicken overly spicy at all.

They stick a toothpick in the chicken that's spicy. Good easy method.

On the side, we also got some kimchi slaw which actually was kind of tasty. The slaw was slightly spicy but cooling as well due to the cabbage. This would go great on a taco. But I digress.
As the night went on and pitchers of yogurt soju was being ordered, I quickly slipped out before the party got too crazy. But it was nice to have a bunch of people come out and share a common interest: food.

Bon Chon
207 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018-4400
(212) 221-3339

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  1. Yogurt soju shots!!

    Korean fried chicken FTW.


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