Friday, May 13, 2011

My Wedding: Tree Planting (Day 2)

Another day, another ceremony. So this one involved me watching a ceremony of planting a tree to represent my fertility (uh yeah...), dinner was served. But first, some snacks! Lots and lots of cheese! Brie and gouda happily was sliced and shoved into mouth while the salty chips and buts and spicy bhel puri was slowly eaten.

And now dinner! Look at that spread.

Some yummy rice for all to enjoy!
And lamb dunsak (an almost curry-like dish made with beans instead) which was a little gamey but totally enjoyable.
Nice beef cutlis which is a beef patty seasoned and fried. So easy to overdo it on these.
The obligatory salad with onions, tomatoes, and cilantro.
Wedding casserole with yams, potatoes, peas, onion, masala, tomato, and cilantro. A special mix of vegetables made only for special occasions.
My delicious plate of goodness. A little of each dish on my plate.
And don't forget about dessert. Look at this lovely thing. Do you know what it is? It's chocolate mousse cake. This is an AWESOME dessert made by the wonderful Ms. Pasty Chef
Here's a delicious cross section of the cake. A hazelnut crumb crust layer with light chocolate mouse and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache. It's a chocolate lover's dream cake without feeling bogged down and heavy.


  1. wedding salad, interesting.

    so the cutlis are like flat patis?

    (and yes my keema will bring the pain!)

  2. @TT: Cutlis doesn't have any mashed potatoes.

  3. Haha someone cut into the cake before you took a picture :)

  4. MOOOUUUSSSSEEE! Looks so decadent!

    Another nice meal.

    Bad kind of pain, TT, or savory and spicy kind? MmmMmM.

  5. @TC- the painey kind of pain!

    OH YEAH!

  6. Colloborate with the infamous ghost chili and we might believe, TT. Shame the heck outta Brick Lane's Phaal.

    Looking fwd to the Patis!!
    Keema too with either naan or rice...MmmMmm.


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