Saturday, May 7, 2011


Mr. M&P and I really want to explore the neighborhood some more. It might be the end of our wonderful lease and *gasp* force us to move to NJ. So before that nightmare comes true, we headed out to Hell's Kitchen to find some tasty places to eat. While walking, he mentioned that he always wondered about Nizza. It's always crowded and looked good. So why not? We walked in on a random Friday night and was met with a booked list. However, 2 seats open up at the bar. Yes! I don't have anything against eating at the bar as long as the menu is the same. Many times, it's not. However, it wasn't the case here.

We cozied up to the bar and made it an official date with drinks! I don't remember by drink's name but it was light, citrusy, and full of gin. Yum!

Mr. M&P had the negroni which was bitter but not overly so.
Some bread came only after we asked for it. Other patrons seemed to get their bread offered without question. Hmmm...
Anyway, appetizers. Mr. M&P had the focaccette which were fried ravioli ($6.50).
The crust was crispy and the inside oozed with cheese. The marinara sauce was passable and didn't need to be there. Overall, these were just okay.
I had the mushroom bruschetta ($10) because I really wanted the fried runny egg. And runny it was! The yolk just melted right on the mushroom added a delicious richness.
For his entree, Mr. M&P had the lasagna ($16). It was baked into its own dish. That layer of cheese on top was HUGE. The layers of pasta, wild boar meat, crescenza cheese, and bechamel sauce was bubbling away under that tarp of dairy. But, Mr. M&P enjoyed it fully though he thought the serving was too much especially with all those rich ingredients.
I had the lingiuni with clams ($16) which were just okay. I couldn't tell if the clams were fresh or the canned kind. But the white wine and garlic sauce was really nice.
Overall, Nizza was just okay for us. It didn't wow us nor did it upset us. It was just mediocre. Sigh, this seems like the common denominator in this neighborhood. But we're not distressed! We'll keep chugging along.

630 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036-3708
(212) 956-1800

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