Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take Out: Daisy May's

The great thing about living close to a barbecue place is that I can order it at any time. St. Louise style sticky ribs are my favorite meat from Daisy May's.

A smoke ring on the tender meat and sticky sauce on my fingers. These aren't really fall off the bone which I actually prefer. I like to get a little give from my ribs. I like to chew it off the bone. I don't want the whole thing coming off in one bite. But that's just me. Most people prefer it the other way.

The sides are creamy cheese corn. Look at all the cheese! The corn was happily bathing in the cheese sauce. And a slight kick from the jalapeno was a nice touch.
And some mac and cheese. Totally cheesy as well but too soft for my taste. No chewing needed.

Daisy May's
623 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 977-1500


  1. ! Me too about the ribs. I like the meat to be chewy, not dry but a little chewy. Falling off the bone is only good when I feel lazy and don't really want to chew. I like texture. I'm convinced it's because my mom made ribs like that growing up so I was used to it and liked that, and the first time I had ribs that fell off the bone I got really upset - I was at a restaurant and was like WHY IS IT DOING THIS!!! Everyone thought I was crazy. But I guess that's not new.

  2. I want ribs and cheesey sides! *DROOL DROOL*


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