Saturday, June 18, 2011

Halo Pub

One of my most favorite thing to eat in the world is ice cream. However, instead of crazy flavors, I'm more about the base ingredients. I would crave a really good vanilla ice cream over one that had 1 different kinds of flavors. What is most importantly to me though is the creaminess. The ice cream that keeps me wanted more is the kind made from really good milk/cream. And Halo Pub has that. They're sourced from their local dairy farm, Halo Farm. And well, the ice cream is just amazingly good. Homemade at its best.

Halo Pub is split between 2 rooms. While most people take their ice cream to go, there is seating in the next room. And they have some seating outside as well. However, these tables and chairs are usually taken up. But a little walking, eating, and window shopping never hurt me.

When it comes to ice cream, a lot of people pick flavors such as cookies and cream or chocolate. Or vanilla with chocolate chunks. However, I'm not the norm. I already know that the creaminess of the base ice cream of Halo Pub is excellent so I opted for the pistachio flavor this time. It was really good.
A pistachio flavor enveloped the base ice cream while lots of actual chopped pistachios dotted each and every bite.
A small full scoop in a cone or cup will cost around $1.75 here. It's enough for an after dinner dessert or even a small snack in between meals. Whatever the case may be, I always have room for Halo Pub. But in case you don't care for ice cream, they also serve coffee here.

Halo Pub
9 Hulfish St
Princeton, NJ 08542-3709
(609) 921-1710

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