Friday, June 24, 2011


I recently purchased an online coupon for L'Allegria. It's a restaurant that I've been wanting to try for awhile but just haven't gotten to it. This was even more reason to go and try it. So I made reservations and told them I had a coupon over the phone (as instructed on my coupon).

When we arrived, the place was pretty crowded. However, they held our table and we were happy. Almost immediately bread with oil and vinegar showed up a long with some water. They took my coupon immediately and gave us some menus. However, we noticed something. Their prix fixe and pasta deals weren't offered. It must be due to the coupon. But no where on the coupon did they say this would be the case. Interesting.

We ordered anyway and had the fried calamari ($9) to start. The serving was huge. Luckily there was 3 of us but it was still too much. I like the squid without the sauce. The breading was also a little too thick for me. I like a nice light batter that compliment the delicate nature of the squid.
We also ordered some garlic bread to share. Holy moly, this was a lot of bread. But we were really excited. When we tasted it, there was as strong lemon flavor. It pretty much overpowered the garlic-ness of the bread. It was refreshing but too strong.
Mr. M&P had the sausage, peppers, and onions with veggies on the side. I think he liked this dish but again, it was too big. He didn't finish it.
Ms. Pastry Chef has rigatoni with pasta ($14) which was also a very large portion. She liked it and tried to finish it. But alas, it was a hefty portion.
I had the lingiuni alla vongole ($15). I'm always happy to see whole clams with shell in this dish. This shows me that the clams are fresh. The pasta was really garlicky which I loved. But again, the portion was just too large. I didn't finish it as well.
We were really full at the end with tons leftover packed into doggie bags. When we received the check we were surprised to see cash only written on the bottom. The coupon never wrote this in the fine print nor did the person who took my reservation tell me about it. I was truly annoyed at this moment. The restaurant took it upon themselves to impose these restrictions without letting the patron know in any way. We were lucky to have been carrying enough cash that night.

L'Allegria offered large portions of mediocre food. The waitress was attentive and nice but the management failed in letting the patrons know of their restrictions with coupons. That last bit really left a sour taste in my mouth and I won't be going back. I'm fine with complying with rules as long as they are clearly stated before the meal. If you go, please go sans coupon. You'd leave much happier.

623 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 265-6777


  1. pretty much every restaurant deal i have ever seen does not include any prix fix or specials.

    that sucks about the cash only though. they totally should have told you at the start of the meal.

    at least the portions were hefty.

  2. Whoa, your meal looks great. Too bad the food itself wasn't too pleasing but HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY. :P

    Coupon restrictions should def. be stated ahead of time for customers. They should not provide a deal if they cannot manage the quality of it.

  3. Looks like you got a LOT of food! Too bad it was mediocre!

    I agree that they should have told you about the coupon restrictions with the menu.

    However, in my experience, I've never had a cash only restaurant warn me verbally, so it's something I always try to note beforehand.

  4. @estherw: They are not a cash only establishment. However, they made us pay cash for using the coupon. This was not previously mentioned on the coupon nor when we made the reservation.

  5. you should write an email to the coupon company. that aint right. not accepting CC's on meals used with the coupon. boo.


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