Friday, June 17, 2011

Parsi Food: Keemo

And here is one of my favorite dishes: keemo. It's almost like what is stuffed inside a patis but instead it's over rice. Ground beef, spices, onions, cilantro, potatoes, and peas. They serve this on a plate but I prefer a bowl. Why? Because then I can shovel it into my mouth easily. Duh!

Here the keemo is served with some rice, salad (tomatoes, onions, cilantro), and papadum (a cracker like bread).

Here's a closer look of the keemo. Another drool inducing meal. Yeah, I know.

And to end the night, we had kulfi which is pistachio flavored Indian ice cream. This has a lot of pistachio flavor but it's never as creamy as real American ice cream of Italian gelato. Maybe it's the milk.


  1. Yum! Do they make the pappadum themselves too? I love how the 'salad' is more like pico... so good and refreshing though! :)

  2. Can we just have a Parsi dinner outing for a change? ;P

  3. @FF: Actually, I can't remember if they made that or bought it. They do make some of the bread themselves.

    @TC: How much to you want to bribe me?


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