Monday, July 11, 2011

Adour [CLOSED]

A while ago, it was my brother in law's birthday. Mr. M&P and I wanted to take him and my sister out for a special dinner. We decided on something French because they've never had fine French dining. So we started them off with something simpler: Adour. At this Alain Ducasse establishment, you get all the hoopla of a French meal here without being too stuffy. Being inside a hotel helps.

Once inside, you pass by the cafe before being met by the hostess. Our party wasn't there yet so we hung out at the bar. They have a really cool bar top which is interactive. You can go through their wine list by just waving your hand. We ordered a couple of drinks which ranged from $18-$22 for cocktails.

After our party arrived, we were seated in a booth. The space is small but spacious. The sound level is low but not uncomfortably so. People spoke with their inside voices. After we ordered, the bread service arrive. The choices were baguette, olive bread, and bacon bread. I had to ask again if I heard correctly...bacon bread? Yes, indeed. Naturally I chose that and it was GOOD. Bits of bacon spread throughout the dinner roll. The pork added a really nice smoky flavor to the bread. The outside was crusty but the inside soft. Perfect for the sweet and salty butter that they offered.

After nibbling and enjoying our bread very much, the amuse bouche arrived. It was a cauliflower panna cotta with broccoli. The custard was very light while the broccoli overwhelmed the flavors. I wasn't too impressed by this one bite morsel.
The appetizers arrived shortly after the amuse was taken away. I ordered the Pate en Croute ($25). The different meats, livers, and organs were shaped into a terrine with a pastry crust on the outside. The rich, fattiness of the meat and bordelais sauce paired well with the spicy mustard and radishes. I really enjoyed this. The serving size was really big and could have easily fed 2 people. But I love pate so I ate it all up easily.
The birthday boy had the Alaskan King Crab with avocado and cracker ($29). The dish really remarked the warming months with its lightness and refreshing qualities. The richness came in delicately with the avocado. Otherwise, the crab meat shined as the star.
My sister had the Sea Urchin Pasta ($27). The pasta was cooked very well. It was tender but left a slight chewiness making it al dente. The uni was completely cooked into the sauce along with the lobster reduction. The result is something really rich yet delicate. I need to make this at home one day.
Mr. M&P had the Veal Sweetbreads ($26) which he loved. It certainly was the richest appetizer of the night. Yes, even more than my pate en croute. The fried glands were paired with morels set inside some pastry then plated with a mushroom reduction. As an antithesis to the crab dish, this definitely reminded me of something I would eat in the cooler months of the year.
We were already kind of full from the appetizers already. The French are known for their rich sauces. But we went on and gleefully welcolmed our entrees. I had the Lobster ($46). The poached crustacean was so tender and sweet. It was nice to not only receive a tail but also  the claw meat as well. I also enjoyed the accompanying peas and sauce but didn't care for the lettuce. It seemed out of place. Lastly, although I can appreciate foam once in awhile, this was a overkill for me. Too much. It was actually distracting.
My sister ordered the Cod ($42) which was really tender and flaky. It was perfectly cooked to her liking. The mushroom sauce underneath was light and refreshing which went well with this white fish.
Mr. M&P had the NY Strip with Au Poive sauce ($46). The perfectly cooked medium rare beef was a little chewy at times. Sous vide can do that sometimes. The cooking technique doesn't melt all of the fat at times. Nonetheless, he really enjoyed it and thought the black pepper sauce wasn't overpowering at all.
Along with the beef, was a basket of puffy potato chips. Interesting concept. The chips were definitely crispy and well seasoned.
And lastly, the birthday boy had the lamb ($46). This is where one of the servers had a misstep. They had accidentally poured the steak's au poive sauce on  the lamb. He tasted it first and made a slight face. He was willing to eat it as is but we convinced him not to. He sent it back and the server graciously apologized for his mistake. No biggie. That had another plate of lamb out for him in just a few minutes. He tasted the lamb again and really enjoyed it. Ah, that's the experience that we wanted him to have. The meat wasn't gamey at all. The richness of it along with the polenta was a decadent meal.
Although we were stuffed at this point, we ordered dessert anyway. It's someone's birthday, wasn't it? We shared the chocolate leaf ($15) which was really rich with lots of contrasting textures. The thin slice of chocolate sat on top of some chocolate sorbet and chocolate mousse cake. The bottom layer of biscuit added a nice crunch.
I chose the Almond Souffle ($15). Whenever I see souffle on the menu, I almost always order it. I love souffle. This version was really light, as it should be. The almond cookie flavor was contrasted with raspberry filling on the bottom. I really liked this a lot. The sorbet on the side was a nice palate cleanser in between bites.
After dessert was finished, they offered us mignardises to finish the meal. First, chocolate and vanilla macarons. They were light and slight chewy. This was one of the better macarons I've had but I'm no expect by any sense.
And lastly, an assortment of chocolates. They were milk and dark chocolate. The former being really sweet while the latter was really  bitter. Interchanging bites of each was the way to go.
We all really enjoyed the meal at Adour. The food was top, along with the service (even with the misstep), and decor. I would definitely come back here for another meal. It's not my favorite fine French dining restaurant by far but it was very good.

2 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 710-2277


  1. that's a great present for your bro-in-law.

    do they offer a prix fixe?

    you had me at bacon bread.

    don't tell CT about that pate. ;)

  2. @TT: I don't remember seeing a prix fixe menu. There's an a la carte and a tasting menu.

  3. that looks fantastic! I could easily make a meal out of that pate and the sea urchin pasta...YUM!


    And that's nice that they fixed the lamb entree right away.


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