Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comme Ci Comme Ca

I was left without a packed lunch one day. So I searched the internet to see which trucks were around. The Comme Ci Comme Ca truck was parked in its usual spot. Nice! I leisurely walked over seeing it was a nice day and all. There was a short line but it moved quickly. Chef Samir was taking orders and I asked him about the merguez sandwich. I wanted to know if it would fill me up or did I need a side. His honest opinion was that it would be enough for him. It's nice to find someone who was honest and didn't want to upsell me.

So I happily ordered the sandwich and waited for a little while until it was ready. From office to truck, back to desk was only 15 minutes. I'm happy with that! I unwrapped the sandwich greedily and saw just bread. Wait, how can this fill me up?!

I opened it up and saw the merguez, the mustard, the hot sauce, and onions spread throughout. Hmm, that's not a lot meat. Or so I thought. As I began to eat it, I enjoyed the spices along with the spicy sausage and bread. By the end of the sandwich, I was full. Happily full. Chef Samir was right. This was all that I needed. Any more and I wouldn't have been a glutton with an aching stomach.

The sandwich was really tasty for being so simple. I would gladly go back for more. I wonder how his other offerings compare.

Comme Ci Comme Ca/Chef Samir Truck
Mobile Truck (Multiple Locations)


  1. Chef Samir has an honest onion? Guess he only shows it to girls.

    I have been to this truck a handful of times and enjoy it a lot. Quite unique offerings. The merguez is one of the best meats he sells.

  2. @TT: Oops! Darn me and my lack of proofreading.

  3. I liked the kofta from his truck. Not too impressed by his basmati royale though.

    Maybe a kofta baguette if I'm close to the truck next time.


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