Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cooking: Grilled Cheese

Not satisfied with just a salad post? Fine. How about some grilled cheese? I finally discovered a great way to make a grilled cheese sandwich the way I like then. First, I butter both sides of the bread. Then I throw them into a pan to toast. As the one side become all brown and crusty, I shred my cheese. When the one side is toasted, I flip the bread and add the cheese to the toasted side of one slice of bread. Then I top the cheese with the other bread. I let the cheese slowly melt and the bread toast again. Flip once in awhile for even toasting and cheese meltiness. The result is an awesome crunchy sandwich on the outside and super melty, gooey cheese center.

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  1. Also a bit of mustard can taste wonderful in grilled cheese sandwiches, especially a cheese like gruyère.


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