Monday, July 25, 2011


It feels like ice cream sandwiches are all the rage this summer. So when I was craving a late afternoon sweet treat, I headed over to Coolhaus. Coolhaus is an ice cream truck that originated in LA. Their first gig was at a concert but soon they sold all over LA due to its popularity. They soon expanded to both Austin and NYC and now they have an LA storefront opening soon. Having heard so much about this truck, how could I not? Besides, I really love ice cream.

As I walked up to my prize, I saw that the line was pretty short. There were only 2 people in front of me. That's probably due to the odd time of the day.

As I stood there, I looked at the menu of choices. Most people seemed to get the red velvet cookies with the red velvet ice cream. Really, how boring can you get?
I opted for the double chocolate cookies with the brown butter and candied bacon ice cream. The service was kind of slow though. After I ordered, I waited for the single worker to make my sandwich. But instead, I saw her talking to her friend that also entered the truck. Weird. She came back without my ice cream. She had to ask me again what I ordered. Sigh...but I waited. It's a fairly new truck and Midtown can be a new experience for anyone. I gladly paid my $5 and left. Mostly people ate their ice cream sandwich right away. Instead, I walked back to my office. It was slightly melted but nothing heartbreaking. I licked away any of the ice cream that tried to escape but the cookie and edible wrapper held up really well.
Back at my desk, I slowly devoured the sandwich. It was quite big and definitely enough to satiate my craving. The cookie was soft and sweet pairing well with the ice cream. The flavor (brown butter and candied bacon) was interesting. I didn't get the strong flavor of the brown butter because the bacon was dominant. The vanilla base really helped ease the flavors but it was okay. Not bad but not great.
Overall, the ice cream sandwich worked well. The cookie held up the whole time and I enjoyed each bite of ice cream and cookie together. Some people may think $5 is a lot of an ice cream sandwich but with their unique flavors and fresh cookies, it's not too bad, especially considering the size of it. I'll be back for another summer treat.

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  1. SKYSCRAPER!! I mean tummy-ache time.


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