Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fu Run

Okay, this post is long overdue. I'm really behind. Just to let you know how behind, this dinner happened in May. Yeah, that behind. Anyway, James of The Eaten Path had gathered a bunch of food enthusiasts together for an interesting dinner. Some were blogger, some were not. One thing is for sure, though, we all wanted to try new foods. At this dinner, we went to Fu Run which is a Northern Chinese restaurant. Not many people that the cuisine varies so different region to region in China. Most people are familiar with Cantonese food but there really is so much more. Northern Chinese food can be considered heavier due to their spices and use of lamb.

One note before you continue reading: my pictures are based on the serving that I ate and not what the whole dish. For a better representation of the dishes as they are presented, please see the Feisty Foodie's post.

So we started the meal with green bean glass jelly noodles with cucumbers, cilantro, and mustard oil (optional). This was a really nice appetizer. It was refreshing with the cucumbers while the mustard oil gave it a nice zing. The bean noodles were really springy kind of like jellyfish. I enjoyed them.

These are lamb and carrot dumplings. They strangely came without sauce which would have been helpful due to the gamey taste of the filling. Any carrot taste was completely void. I think the consensus about these dumplings were the same: skip next time.

These are the famous Muslim Lamb Chops with heavy cumin seasonings. I think these were actually ribs and not chops but I'm not 100% sure. The meat was cooked slowly until falling off the bone then fried. The cumin was strong but definitely help with any residual gamey flavor. This was the table favorite, by far.
Here are three different dishes. The top is Triple Vegetable Delight with eggplant, potato, and spicy green peppers. I really enjoyed the rich flavor and the crispiness of the potatoes even though they were covered in thick sauce. To the right is sea intestine (also known as penis fish) with chives. The dish was mostly chive flavors but the sea intestine added texture. It mostly reminded me of very thin calamari without the taste. On the left if the stir fried pork dish. It tasted like sweet and sour pork but not in the gloppy way. The latter 2 dishes were just okay for me.
Another (better) look at the Triple Vegetable Delight.
Next we had braised pork knuckle with sea cucumbers (pictured left). The pork was really tender. All the meat just fell apart as we picked through it. The tendons and cartilage surrounding the knuckle also completely softened. I love that part but it can be texturally displeasing to others. I don't like sea cucumbers so I didn't try any of it here. Pictured on the right is the mapo tofu which is a spicy soft tofu and ground pork dish. It's served with delicious thick gravy and scallions. This is usually best eaten with rice but we didn't order any at this point. It was good by itself. Besides, we didn't want to fill up on carbs. Hahahaha!
Here is one lonely piece of fried lamb kidney seasoned with cumin. The kidney tasted of too much iron to me. They could have used a nice soaking in milk prior to cooking.
At the end of the meal, some bread came tableside. This is the scallion pancake which actually turned out to be pretty disappointing. It was too dense and was very bland. I didn't taste any scallion flavor. However, this was a good vehicle for me to finish my lamb kidney. I stuck that organ in between the bread. It helped mellow out the off putting taste.
An order of leek and eggs pancake was also put in. It was definitely better than the leek and egg pancake. It had a lot more flavor and texture going on. Plus, the filling inside helped alleviate the breadiness situation that the scallion pancake had.
And my favorite dish of the night was actually something sweet. How surprising! It's deep fried taro coated in sugar. This sticky sweet concoction comes with a large bowl of cold water. You take a piece of taro then dip it into the water. The sugar instantaneously crystallizes and becomes hard. The result is a crunchy sugar crust with some hot, soft taro inside. The flavor of the taro wasn't lost at all and I couldn't stop eating it without looking rude. Eventually the sugar started to thicken and each and every piece became harder to separate. So kids, lesson is to eat this as fast as you can without injuring yourself or others.
I really enjoyed the food at Fu Run even though some weren't as good as others. Overall, I had a good time and would like to thank James for organizing.

Fu Run
4009 Prince Street
Flushing, NY 11354-5304
(718) 321-1363


  1. i think a FBM trip is necessary. so close to subway too.

  2. Agreed... we wouldn't have a problem with being 'polite' to not eat all the taro before it got thick and gooey hahahaha


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