Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grilling: Burgers and Italian Sausages

Oh Mr. M&P has the grilling bug. His second attempt also included burgers but this time with Italian sausages instead of hot dogs. He was nervous again but I was by his side for help.

The sausages were slowly cooked on the grill until plump and juicy. I made sure he didn't pierce the skin. Leave those yummy juices intact please. As these cooked (which took around 30 minutes), I whipped up some peppers and onions on the stove top. This is a classic topping for the sausages and I really prefer them eaten this way.
After the sausages were pretty much cooked, on went the burgers. However, these went on high heat to be charred quickly. Just a couple of minutes of each side and done. It's tough to get the middle pink because these pre-made patties are so thin. We're thinking about maybe doing our own hand formed patties next time.
The food came out really delicious and was proud of Mr. M&P again. He's doing quite well. Now all he has to do now is just trust his instincts. He's one nervous/impatient cook!

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