Monday, July 4, 2011


I pass by Maoz all the time in the Midtown area. There always seems to be a line, though it moves quickly, and people look happy when they leave. So one day, with a Groupon in hand, I stepped up to eat some falafel. I walked over to the Maoz on 8th avenue only to find that they weren't accepting the coupon. What? The coupon lists 3 of the 5 participating stores addresses. However, it also stated that there are 5 stores. As a consumer, I just thought they they ran out of room to print all 5 addresses on the face of the coupon. This was really annoying. I've had other Groupons that stated specific locations only. So why not this one? I don't know who was in the wrong here.

Whatever, so I moved onto the other Maoz not too far away on 7th avenue. This one was much more crowded and smaller. But like I said, the line moved quickly. You order and pay at the register. Then you move along the salad bar and plop goodies into your falafel filled pita.

I ordered the Meal Deal (~$9) which gives you a whole pita with falafel, eggplant, and hummus along with a side of fries and a drink. I didn't want to be overzealous with my toppings but I was able to stuff pickled beets, tabuleh, corn, tzatziki, and green sauce into it. The resulting mish mash of flavors was pretty good. The falafel was fried well and remained crispy. The copious amounts of toppings added great flavor and texture. Although the pita sandwich became quite messy at the end, I enjoyed every last bite.

The side of fries were completely unnecessary at this point. I was so full from the pita sandwich that I only ate about 2 or 3 fries before giving it all up. However, the fries I did have were really good. Nice and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. And well seasoned. I can't stress the importance of salt and potatoes enough.
I was really surprised by Maoz. I didn't assume it would be bad but I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Also, I think the meal is a very good deal. You would leave happy and full, as I did.

558 7th Ave
New York, 10018
(212) 777-0820‎


  1. Maoz is actually pretty decent and very filling. I also like their frites!

    There's a newer Maoz on 8th Ave. too, not too far from the Shack.

  2. I never think I'll really like falafel. And most of the time I don't love it (don't hate it either). But a few times I'm really surprised by how much I enjoy it. Maybe I'll try Maoz and it'll be one of those time.


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