Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Summer Grilling!!

One night, Mr. M&P and I decided to grill up a feast for our family and friends. That's right, we wanted to show off our skills (or lack thereof). Grilling is completely different from cooking on the stove so I was a little weary to do it all by myself. But, I sucked it up and gave it the one-two punch. KA-POW!

While we prepped the grill and food, some cheese was laid out to calm our nerves...or to fill our stomachs just in case the food was a bust. I think one wedge was edam and the other monterey jack.
Some other appetizers that night included this Indian
And green chutney and eggs sandwiches which people love, as do I. Nice and light but full of flavor.
A nice light salad to accompany the delicious meats that were to come.
And some rice to balance out all the flavors.
A side of corn definitely pleases everyone in the summer. Sweet, sweet jersey corn.
So we manned the grill. First up, the leg of lamb. Lamb has gotten really expensive these days so it won't be my go to summer time special meat this year. For shame. Anyway, it was marinated overnight with garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, paprika, and oil. I rubbed the marinade in like no one's business. Them we grilled it on medium heat for 10 minutes on each side.Unfortunately we overcooked it for my standards. I like my lamb pink just like my beef. This was more light brown to slight pink. However, the taste was very good. No gamey flavor whatsoever but lots of garlic and herbs. Yum!
We also grilled up some shrimp. However, I made them a little overly spicy. I used too much sriracha sauce. Salad and rice was definitely needed in order to eat these.
And the crowd favorite, Korean marinated galbi (beef short ribs). The marinade is pre-mixed and purchased at the Asian grocer. I marinated the beef overnight and they develop this delicious salty, sweet flavor. A quick flame on the grill and the result is a charred, delicious beefy bite. It has a really addicting flavor.
To end the meal with something sweet, Ms. Pasty Chef whipped up some chocolate ice cream cake with a brownie bottom.
My ice cream started to melt before I could take the glamor picture. However, it didn't matter. It's all about the taste and this was one decadently delicious slice of chocolatey heaven. All different textures from the chocolate whipped cream, chocolate ganache, chocolate ice cream, chocolate crunchies, and chocolate brownie. Oh man, chocolate wonder! This was really good.
All in all, a successful grilling cookout minus the major flare up. That happens with fatty beef. Gotta watch the flames and gotta clean the grill after every use. Oops! Good thing the master griller (aka Mr. Sous Chef...hmm, I should change his name to Master Griller) was around to save the day.

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  1. Hooray for Galbi and ice cream cake. *DROOL DROOL*


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