Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Spring Garden

New Spring Garden has really improved over the years. Even on a random day when I had to take off from work for personal business, they served up some pretty decent dim sum.

It was just me and my father so we didn't order much. However, what we did order was quite tasty indeed. Here are some pork spare ribs in black bean sauce over sliced rice noodles. This is really good. They steam the whole dish together so all that pork flavor dribbles down into the bland noodles making them delicious!

Here are some fish meatballs with cilantro. They have a very springy texture due to the corn starch in the mix but they're quite tasty. They don't have much of a fishy taste but enough to know that it's seafood.
And here are some chicken feet. I think the preparation starts with some deep frying then cooked in a sauce to give them that brown color. Chicken feet are yellow-ish in their natural state. The resulting flavor is something sweet and savory. It's all skin and tendons though. If you're not a fan of that texture, you probably wouldn't like this.
And since it was the afternoon, we ordered some noodles as well. Here is some mushroom lo mein. Egg noodles are cooked with soy and oyster sauce with a mix of different mushrooms. Really simple yet delicious.
There were a surprising amount of people at New Spring Garden for lunch in the middle of the day. Don't these people have work? I certainly had to take the day off for this kind of experience. Lucky people. Anyway, I really enjoyed the dimsum and noodles here. I wouldn't mind going back at all.

New Spring Garden
912 65th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(718) 680-2289

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