Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sometimes when people leave a company, those that will miss them will take them out to lunch for a last hurrah. So to say our goodbyes to a coworker that I truly liked, we went to Pongsri so hash out some gossip.

I made reservations but they were completely oblivious to it. Instead, we waited as they put our table of 5 together. Once sat, menus were handed out and water placed on the table. They are definitely in tuned with the Midtown Lunch Rush. They want to flip as many tables as possible. I eventually settled on the Pineapple Fried Rich Lunch Special ($8). The dish came out really quickly which had me think that most of this was pre-made. No matter, I still chowed down. The flavor was muted for a fried rice. It needed something extra. Maybe hot sauce. The pineapple, however, was fresh and I enjoyed that. Too often I find canned pineapple pieces in my rice. That's not very enjoyable. The rest of the ingredients included chicken (dry), egg (fluffy and nice), and cashews (crunchy). Overall, just a meh dish.

Other people in the group also got fried rice of Pad Thai ($7). Normally this is my go to option for trying a new place but I really wanted rice that day. I didn't try any of the noodles but people were satisfied with it. No complaints were heard.
If you feel like your dish needs a little more flavor, they'll bring over this spice container for you. There are dry red chili seeds, pickled peppers, and a hot sauce.
Pongsri was just okay for me. I certainly prefer Pam Real Thai is a little further. However, the food is inoffensive and portion size was large. Also, they'll certainly make sure you'll leave within the 1 hour lunch break. I can see why people come here often, especially Midtown workers.

244 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036-5603
(212) 582-3392‎


  1. you didnt make lunch this week?

    uh oh, your coworkers know you are a food blogger. way to let the cat out of the bag.

    too bad the majority of thai restaurants in manhattan are meh.

  2. @TT: No homemade lunch for the next coming weeks.


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