Monday, July 18, 2011

Queens Food Tour: danny brown

But wait! There's one more! You thought Eddie's Sweet shop was the end of the tour, right? Well, we were being spontaneous that day so we actually ended our day at danny brown. This restaurant is Queens' only Michelin star. The Feisty Foodie had informed me of this as we passed by on our way to Eddie's. Well, that was more than enough to convince me. Besides, I was aching for some savory to eat even though I was quite full.

When we arrived, the place was quite full and the hostess had informed us that they were fully booked for the night. But the bar was open for walk-ins. We took the happily took the bar but there weren't 4 seats together. The hostess graciously asked the existing patrons if they could scoot over for us. They obliged without a blink and we thanked everyone. This is service people. We didn't even have to hesitate, the hostess just did her job perfectly. She was great.

We sat at the bar and talked to the bartender a bit over wine. We ordered a bottle to share and it was really nice. A good start to the end of a long day. We also let us take some sips/tastes of some other wines we questioned. The service he provided was knowledgeable and friendly. Like the hostess, he was great as well.

And now the food. We each picked a small plate to share instead of having a full one dinner. This made the experience much more casual. We picked at the dishes as we pleased and enjoying each others' company. Below are serrano ham croquettes ($9). They were really good. The nice crunchy outside gave way to a soft, creamy potato filling dotted with salty ham.

And here is the small cheese board ($30) offered with 3 cheeses and 3 meats of your choice. I chose the creamaux (a triple creme), the robiola (+$5 for the special of the day - soft, ripe cheese), Idiazobal (semi-hard sheep's milk cheese), pork rilletes, chicken liver mousse, and rosette de lyon (hard salami). This plate was a great deal. It came with decent servings of each meat and cheese along with cornichons, mustard, fig compote, aged balsamic, and 2 types of bread (baguette and walnut raisin). The menu said this is a serving for 2 but it easily fed the 4 of us. Each and every bite was wonderful and we cleaned the board. Really good.
And this is the yellowtail carpaccio served with grapefruit, capers, and pistachios ($15). This dish was quite large and was really refreshing. The delicate fish paired well with the citrus notes while the capes added a salinity to the overall dish. The pistachios added a nice crunch to an otherwise mushy texture. All together, the ingredients worked really well. This is perfect for a summer appetizer.
And this is the grilled calamari ($10) served with white beans and arugula. The squid was cooked very well and wasn't chewy at all. You could taste the freshness of the seafood. The beans and arugula served as filler for the star but I didn't mind it. Each mouthful left me happy.
I really wanted some vegetables so sauteed escarole ($5) was ordered. This leafy green was lightly cooked in oil and finished with lemon. The result was something light and very enjoyable. It did exactly what I needed it to do: contrast all the heavier things I've been eating here and all day.
And lastly, the potato gratin ($5) arrived though a little late. However, it was worth it. This has to be one of the better gratin I've had. Each thinly sliced potato was cooked through without being mushy but the flavors of the cream and cheese was wonderful. The crispy top was darling and I couldn't get enough of it. This was a really great side dish.
As you have read, I really enjoyed danny brown. The food, the service, the decor, and the patrons were all very wonderful. People are very lucky to have this kind of place in their nieghborhood. I'm truly jealous. This is one meal that I loved and have consistently thought about since. I can't wait to go back.

danny brown
104-02 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 261-2144


  1. Very nice establishment. Danny Brown had to be one of the nicer dinners that I had this year so far.

    Can it be sweet and dry?


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