Saturday, July 16, 2011

Queens Food Tour: Empanada Cafe

After our Flushing tour, we walked west stopping at Citifield and through Flushing Meadow Gardens. We went a little too far south and ended up having to go a little more than expected. However, that actually turned out to be a great mistake. While walking, I saw Empanada Cafe in the distance. I joked to TC how it would should stop by there. As we walked closer, we could smell it. And it was decided there and then that we would stop...well at least TC and I. But that quickly changed. Everyone ordered!

The menu at Empanada Cafe starts with a choice of white, corn, or organic flour. I picked flour because that's my preferred dough for empanadas. I wanted to keep it simple (and besides, other people have already picked the cool ones) so I chose chicken ($1.75). After a short wait because they fry to order, I was presented with this: a nice crispy empanada.

To identify the chicken, the crust had printed the meat on the crust. I love this idea!
Inside, the chicken was hot and juicy. Well seasoned and a good flavor too. It was nice to see lots of filling within the crust.
Along with each of the empanadas, they included a green sauce. At first we thought it would be spicy. Instead it was similar to a chimichurri sauce being very herbaceous and refreshing. When added to the empanadas, it was delicious! Great sauce.
A few of the others picked the corn (yellow) and organic (brown) empanadas. It was clear that the white flour one was the best by far. However, some of the fillings were only offered in the other flours like chicharron (roast pork) and camarones (shrimp). The most surprising flavor was plantains and mozzarella. We all tried a bite and it was really good. The sweetness of the plantain worked really well with the creaminess of the cheese.
Along with his empanadas, TC also got a Colombian soda: Postobon. He had the apple flavor. Apple flavored soda? Interesting. I tried it and while it was artificially sweet, it was also surprisingly refreshing. I would definitely try this again.
The food at Empanada Cafe was really great and no one had anything really bad to say about it except for the organic flour. It's not for everyone but has its place. I would definitely come back here. Some of us even though about taking frozen empanadas home. I'm glad we took a wrong turn in our walk.

Empanada Cafe
5627 Van Doren Street
Corona, NY 11368-3948
(718) 592-7288


  1. Yumm I love empanada cafe. They have great beef empanadas!

  2. mozzarella with plantains is my favorite flavor. I also recommend the guava with cheese empanada as a dessert.


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