Friday, July 15, 2011

Queens Food Tour: Flushing Mall (Part 1)

Before the Flushing Mall was being renovated, I expressed to the FBM crew about my interesting in eating there before it changed. I had, in fact, never been there. They obliged to my idea which set off a slew of other food ideas and destinations. And that's how this became the Queens Food Tour.

We started off downstairs in the food court. I walked around to peer at each booth. I stopped at the Xian Famous Foods counter and ordered. Yes, I have heard much about it and yes it can be hyped according to some people. But I'm here to judge myself.

I started off with the Pork Zha Jing Hand Ripped Noodles ($6). I asked for it to go but they just gave me this plate. No tray. No top, nothing. Weird. After spilling some sauce over myself and the floor, I made it to our table. The dish itself was pretty good. I enjoyed the chewiness of the noodles. They were long and all different shapes. The pork crumbles and sauce was spicy but not overly so. I really liked this and would definitely order it again.
I also ordered the Spicy Lamb Cumin Burger ($3) just to try it. The lamb wasn't spicy to me. It was more spiced. However, the flavor was nice. I didn't like the bread though. It did nothing for the sandwich.
MadJac ordered a sweet and sour shrimp with pineapple dish. It was much larger than anticipated but I think she enjoyed it. She couldn't finish it though. We helped her out.
TT had the cold sesame noodles with ground pork and peanuts. This was pretty tasty was well. Nice flavor but not slap you in the face with spices flavor.
BeerBoor had spicy pork meatball and noodles in soup. He liked this fine enough especially since it was so cheap.
CT ordered some pork chop dish was walked away with this monstrosity. She came over to sit and all of our eyes lit up. She certainly got her money's worth there. She didn't finish the rice but the pork chops were killed. It's safe to assume that she enjoyed them.
Lastly, for dessert, TC ordered the mango shaved ice. This was a huge serving! I don't like shaved ice so I didn't try this but people seemed to like it. The mango ice cream sat on top of shaved ice with mango syrup and mango chunks. It was mango everything!
Whew! What a great start to the day. We had so much more to eat. Good thing we would be doing some walking in between.

Flushing Mall
13333 39th Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354-4432
(718) 888-2691

Xian Famous Foods

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