Friday, July 15, 2011

Queens Food Tour: White Bear

Displeased with our last dumpling experience, we headed out to White Bear for some redemption. This place been written up many times over by several other blogs. I don't really need to add any more information. However, for my readers who are unfamiliar with Flushing, this place is seriously a hole in the wall establishment. There exists a small kitchen and about 4 2-top tables. Good luck getting one of those. Just get your dumplings to go and eat them standing on the street. Don't be shy, Chinese people do it all the time. You would fit right in.

Anyway, the dumpling. These are their specialty which are also the most popular. The wontons in spicy chili oil. Though hardly spicy, these dumplings were good. Lots of great flavor, thin wrapper, and good filling. Everyone was happy with this stop on our food tour. It certainly made our mouths and stomachs much happier.

And so with that, we walked to our next destination.

White Bear Dumpling
135-02 Roosevelt Avenue #5
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 961-2322


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