Saturday, July 16, 2011

Queens Food Tour: Zeppoles

As I sat in the nearby park watching some Italian play some mean bocce, I noticed a small tented area serving food. By the end of my ice, I knew I wanted some zeppoles. Why? They were freshly frying some. How could I resist some fried sweet dough covered in powdered sugar?

I bought a half dozen for $4 (I think). These were really big! Much bigger than what I normally get at street fairs. I ate 2 and considered myself full. I gave/forced the rest of them into TC. He has a huge sweet tooth and an even bigger stomach. He was my cleaner up that day. Whatever I didn't finish, I pushed off to him. It worked well for the both of us. I bought and ate what I wanted, and he got freebies. It's a win-win situation!

Anyway, the zeppoles was soft and light. Not the lightest I have had but good enough. For the size and freshness, I was happy with my purchase.

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  1. FREEBIES. Those zeps were HUGE. Me really OD'ed on sweets that day. :P


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