Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battery Place Market

So often we find ourselves overwhelmed with all the same bodegas, corner stores, and markets in NYC. Same hot buffet, same deli counter. Convenient, yes. Innovative, no. And there is Batter Place Market. This unassuming storefront in Battery Park City looks simple enough. It sits on the corner of the block, it's open and clean inside. At a quick glance, it looks like any other upscale market. But dig deeper and you'll find nice surprises in every corner. They like to focus on high quality ingredients and sourcing products from small artisan purveyors.
Photo by Feisty Foodie

As a market, they offer a variety of fresh products that would make their neighbors happy. If you're looking for fresh bread, they receive a daily delivery.

Looking for fresh fruit?

And vegetables and salad? Yeah, they have that.

In fact, you can do most of your grocery shopping here. They have a meat counter with prime grade beef and ground kobe beef.
And a large cheese counter for your pleasure.
In the refrigerated section, you'll find naturally prepared meats like Broadbent bacon.
Lots of canned goods and sauces available.
And plenty of jarred sweets like Fat Toad Farms caramel and agave nectar.
Are you into household items that are nicer to the environment? You'll find a variety here including Seventh Generation.
If you just work around the area, then how about stopping in to try some of their hot foods? Everything is made on-site.
You can also get a whole roasted chicken if you want.
Or how about some kobe beef chili? Or what about meatballs?
I tried some of their chickpea salad and it was quite tasty. I liked the small amount of heat and the harder texture of the chickpea. Many times I would find chickpeas that have turned into mush. This was quite the opposite and was nice and refreshing.
They also gave me a variety of food to taste: meatballs & spaghetti, pan seared fish, salmon salad, pasta with pancetta, fresh guacamole, and roasted beets with goat cheese. I enjoyed everything and I could  tell that they were made in house. The food is much better than you would find at any regular deli. It's much fresher here and the taste shows it.
Not interested in a full meal? How about some good quality coffee and dessert? They have their own coffee barista here that can answer any question you may have about your brew.
We enjoyed a couple of lattes on the house.
And we really enjoyed the foam art on top.
And for sweets, try Robicelli's cupcakes or the My Sweet Brigadeiro products (pictured below) featuring these popular Brazilian treats. Some come in the form of mini cupcake-esque treats.
Others in little pots/jars.
We tried a couple of these: pistachio and chocolate. The pistachio was really good! Sweet, creamy, and sticky in texture. It was almost like eating frosting.
The chocolate one was very good as well. Good chocolate flavor without being cloyingly sweet. Again, creamy and sticky in texture.
I enjoyed Battery Place Market and definitely understand what they're trying to do here. They want to provide their patrons with high quality yet unique products by sourcing them from small artisan food purveyors. I think they're a great addition to the neighborhood.

I would like to thank Batter Place Market for allowing me to tour their facilities and try their food and drinks.

Disclaimer: Everything was courtesy of the establishment. I did not receive any monetary compensation nor was under any obligation to write this review, positive or negative. Any opinions posted are solely my own.


  1. They sell robicelli's?!?!?! I'm THERE!

  2. Danny Latte, Head Barista, Battery Place Markets says, "Mention this blog and receive 5% off your next purchase of $20 or more."

    just tell them, Danny Latte said so.

    Be healthy!


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