Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Event: Chobani

Recently, Feisty Foodie invited me to an event hosted by Chobani. I had Chobani yogurt before and really enjoy it. It's a Greek style yogurt which is much thicker than normal. I particular like that it's not too tangy. So when I had an opportunity to go an attend a cooking event using Chobani, I was definitely intrigued. I always eat Chobani by itself. I never thought of using it in dishes in cooking and baking.

When I arrived, the cooking demonstration didn't start yet. However, they had a variety of snacks made from chobani yogurt to taste. I was very excited for the menu that day.

They offered some lovely yogurt parfait to start. They provided strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry jam with plain or strawberry yogurt with some granola on top.
I really enjoy blueberry so I picked the parfait with plain yogurt and tart blueberries. The granola on top was crunchy and pretty tasty. I enjoyed the different texture and flavors. Parfaits are always a nice way to enjoy yogurt.
Some Chobani snacks were passed around as well. Of course I tried each one. I started with the strawberry scone and really enjoyed it. It wasn't dry and hard like normal scones that needs butter. Instead, this scone was soft and muffin-like in texture. I spoke to the Chef Jason Duckworth briefly and he told me that the Chobani yogurt he used added a lot of moisture to the baked good.
Next up, the cranberry oatmeal bar. This tasted like a granola bar to me but again much more moist. The yogurt added a lot of moisture to the baked good again. The texture was a little crumbly but soft. The flavor was sweet and slightly tart from the cranberries.
Last snack before the kitchen demonstration was the baked French toast. I thought this dish was a little too soft for me. I enjoy my French toast with some more crust from the pan frying. This version was baked and prevented that crust from forming. However, I noticed that several other people enjoyed this very much.
After some chatting and snacking, we all situated into the kitchen area to watch and listen to Chef Jason speak and prepare a tasty frittata using Chobani yogurt.
Chef Jason spoke about several uses for Chobani from pasta sauces to fluffy eggs to baked goods.
The frittata was prepared and served fresh from the oven.
This version contained lot of different fresh ingredients like asparagus, tomatoes, herbs, cheese, and pancetta. He added Chobani yogurt to the eggs before they went into the pan. He mixed it thoroughly so that the yogurt wouldn't curdle. The proteins from the yogurt made the eggs light and fluffy. Into the oven and out came a nice and light frittata with lots of different flavors and textures.
Coming out of this event, I was intrigued by the many different uses for yogurt. One of the great tips that Chef Jason offered that day was that we should start with the full fat yogurt when we're experimenting with recipes. Then as we're slowly getting used to the substitute, then we can start using low fat or no fat yogurt.

I would like to thank Feisty Foodie for inviting me to this event. I would like to thank Chobani and their team for hosting and Chef Jason Duckworth for entertaining us.


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  1. I made potato salad last week using the 0% plain yogurt and was pleased with the results. The garlic chives might have something to do with that though


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