Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Dinner

Sometimes family gatherings become so few and far in between because of our busy lives. So when we do get together, our dinners are a mish mash of take out and home cooked food.

I wasn't in charge of any food this time because I had just gotten off a flight and straight to my sister's home. So instead, she whipped up some food. Here's some shrimp and onions in ketchup sauce. She kind of overdid it with the onions but the shrimp was very nice. This is great over white rice.

She also made some beef, tendons, and tea eggs. This was really good. I really enjoyed the strong flavor of the meats and tendons. She poured the sauce all over the top too. The eggs were very good as well though I would have liked them to be saltier. But that's just me. I like my eggs very salty. Other people enjoyed these just fine.
My dad cooked a very large tilapia. Unfortunately, it was too large where the outside got too tough and the inside wasn't cooked enough. Next time, it's better to buy 2 smaller fish than 1 giant one.
Another dish that my dad has been making a lot lately is sliced conch. Some people eat this raw but some stir fry it just ever so slightly that it retains its wonderful crunch without getting rubbery. My dad though it was rubbery but I thought it was just fine. Served with some pungent shrimp paste and this is perfect.
And now the parade of the take out we had. Here's some peppered beef. It was pretty good. Really strong flavors, lots of gravy, and large pieces of beef which were quite tender.
And here's some Shanghai style vermicelli noodles. This was very mediocre since it didn't have any curry flavor whatsoever. Compared to the other dishes, this was quite bland.
We also ordered some chow mein. They deep fry the thin egg noodles then add some meat gravy on top. This restaurant smartly separated the noodles.
And the gravy. This way the noodles stay super crispy. The gravy was ladled on by each person on their own plate. It slightly softened the noodles but not enough to make it mushy. The result is a nicely contrasting crunchy, soft noodle dish with some delicious thick gravy. This one is the chicken gravy.
Here's an order of Shanghai pork chops. They put the sweet and sour sauce on the side to keep the batter crust perfect. And super crispy it was! I liked it without the sauce and continued to eat it plain.
And the last dish was roast duck. The skin was rendered nicely leaving it thin and crispy. The meat underneath was juicy and flavorful. Nicely done.
We finished this pretty bad-for-you meal with some watermelon. Supposedly it balances your cold and hot temperatures. All that food was hot so the watermelon has a cooling nature. Whatever it is, it worked. I think it's mainly the water that we're ingesting but that's just me. In my house, don't ever argue old Chinese traditions. You'll get a screaming match. I'd rather sit back and eat my watermelon.

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  1. Hahahaha "don't ever argue old Chinese traditions" - so true. Well, no screaming in my fam, just exasperated looks and rolled eyes. Better to just accept it.

    You know how our families eat similarly at restaurants? They don't cook very similarly. How do you make the beef/tendon dish your sister made? And how do you make tea eggs - I have an idea but I've never done it.

    We definitely eat a lot of the same dishes from restaurants though. And my brother in law makes the ketchup shrimp dish, though he adds peppers I think... and lately he's been more into making chili-lime shrimp than ketchup but maybe because he grills those and it's summertime.

    Anyway, your meal looks awesome.


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