Friday, August 5, 2011

FBM Potluck 6

How lucky am I? Another potluck filled with so much good food and so many good laughs. When great people come together and share booze and grub, it's always a good time. For this one, I hosted it because the weather was nice and I could use my rooftop. Luckily, we scheduled it a bit earlier than last year and so the heat was more bearable. Also, because my rooftop was subsequently closed after the party due to outstanding repairs. Anyway, less drama, more food. Look at the spread below. Seriously, how can you NOT be jealous? Drool away.

First up, my savory contribution: pan fried dumplings. There are 3 kinds here: spicy pork and carrots; pork and chives; and pork, shrimp, watercress, and mushrooms. All three were served with a variety of dipping sauces: red vinegar; soy sauce with garlic and scallions; and ginger and scallion sauce. I think these were well received because I was kind of using the FBM crew as guinea pigs for new dumpling recipes.

Cheeeeeeeese made Mexican bean pie which was kind of like a quesadilla but filled with beans and other yummy goodness. I had one piece and thought it was good. I wanted more but it was quite heavy. I needed to save room for the rest of the food.
TT tried his hand on Indian cuisine with his version of keema (seasoned ground beef). Although he was dissatisfied with his overabundance of ginger, I thought it was really nice and went well with the naan.
Oh and did he bring naan. Lots and lots of it.
But a special garlic cheese naan for me!! Yay!
Goats made some pao de quejo. Cheesy bread. They were nice out of the oven but I think they suffered in the heat.
TC brought some empanadas over. I think there was a variety of beef, chicken, plantains, etc. Crispy and good.
But he didn't stop there. He also brought some Jamaican beef patties from Golden Krust. Ooooh, the memories of living in Brooklyn. Such wonderful memories.
Mr. M&P brought some of his mom's famous Parsi Patis. It's keema stuffed inside a ball of mashed potatoes then deep fried. This was my first venture into making them. Unfortunately, it's a skill that needs a lot of practice. I was too embarrassed to serve my creations. So the FBM crew only had the true master's work. Lucky them.
The Feisty Foodie made these fried tofu squares. These were AWESOME! So crispy and deceivingly tasting of bacon fat. I could and did pop these like candy in my mouth.
But what made them even better was the cilantro sauce. This herbaceous sauce was fresh and delicious. It just added even more flavor to her dish.
She also made a signature cocktail with pineapple, mango and tequila. Ooooh, nice nice. A great way to start the day. It was sweet but not overly so. A nice mixed drink. Perfect for the summer.
BeerBoor brought over some buffalo chicken drumsticks. Oh yum! I love chicken, especially bone in, skin on. I definitely took leftovers.
Sir Eats A Lot brought brussels sprouts cooked with bacon. Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables now. A quick hard roasting in the oven with salt and pepper is all that it needs. Bacon, of course, is an added bonus.
He also brought some veggie and cream cheese roll ups. I'm not a cream cheese person so these were lost on me.
Nommables brought shrimp and pork green papaya salad. He dressed it with a fish sauce dressing that added a nice funk. I really enjoyed this and was super upset when we took the all of the leftovers home. Jerkface.
KC brought over some tasty pasta with pesto. Who doesn't like pesto? Stupid people, that's who. Hahahah! Joking.
The wonderful KC also brought some of her famous stromboli. Oh we've been harping on her for her stromboli for a really long time. And guess what? She brought over 3 different kinds! Here is the meat and cheese one. I think it had ham and pepperoni.
And here are the spinach and cheese in whole wheat and the sausage and cheese. All soooooo good!
Then the dessert rolled in. Feisty BF brought some delicious pastries from his favorite bakery in Howard Beach: La Pasticceria. Below are some delicious cannoli's. The shell was crunchy while the cream was sweet and thick.
And a plethora of lobster tails. Oh those lobster tails. Flaky crusts wrapping around some more cream.
A box of vodka soaked gummy bears made it's way around and it was totally STRONG. Gaggingly strong. It made for some really funny scenarios later on in the day though.
I sliced up a watermelon for people to hydrate...or for people to get drunk. One was vodka soaked, the other was plain. I didn't think it was sweet enough though. Maybe too early for the season.
I tried my best at a "key" lime pie. But my search for affordable key limes went empty handed. So I just made a lime pie with whipped cream. It was okay and tart but I know I could make it better next time. I already have thoughts and ideas.
And of course, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. These were actually mediocre compared to what they normally are. Why? I have new baking pans. I'm still trying to figure them out but I think I almost have the new recipe done.
And what would KC do without making yet another dish? That woman can cook! This is some kind of blueberry cobbler with pecans. I think she mentioned that the recipe was from Paula Deen so you know there's a lot of sugar and butter in there. Just missing the mayonnaise.
Another great gut busting meal made by my FBM crew. Bravo!


  1. i guess with all of that amazing food God spared us his wrath on that day.

    good times had by all.

    Thanks for not posting a pic of Goats' "special drink."

  2. Wow... I can't believe I missed all those amazing looking treats!! The patis TT brought home were awesome... but now I'm mad he didn't bring home more leftovers!! Dumplings?!!!

  3. hahaha when I saw the headline I thought "whoa, H 'scooped' me and posted the newest potluck before me?" (I almost posted it this week) - hehehehehe. Nice memories to relive though I'm curious why you said there was less drama at this one? What happened at the last one?! :P

    And I didn't know you didn't like cream cheese! Now I feel bad for making you eat CC when we made lunch for each other. Oops! Next time, I'll know!

  4. @CT- i think we ate ALL of the dumplings, yumyum.

  5. @TT: No one wants to be reminded of that drink.

    @CT: I actually don't think there were any leftover dumplings. I actually had to put aside the patis before the potluck started.

    @FF: I meant less talking of random stuff that no one cares about (drama) and more talk about the food.

    Also, I'm super picky about cream cheese. It has to be a really small smear.

  6. Aaaah... ok, then TT's allowed back in the apt! He did mention that you had pre-saved the patis for me, for which I am incredibly grateful!!

  7. Duly noted - I will just avoid it entirely next time. Easy enough!

  8. The patis battle was won. Put away 8 for my belly. They were heavy, savory and delicious. No ihaling them without paying the price later. :P

    Another great potluck and our 1st anniversary at where it all started!

    Oh, the empanadas were cheeseburger, cuban (ham, pork and cheese), and a few plaintain & cheese ones.

  9. (F)ull (B)ellies in (M)idtown


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