Sunday, August 14, 2011

Halo Pub

Whenever I'm in the Princeton area, I like to go to Halo Pub for ice cream. They're connected to Halo Farm which produces a lot of milk and dairy products.Halo Pub offers several classic and creative flavors for every palate.

But what's most enticing about Halo Pub is the price. For $1.75  you can get 1 scoop of ice cream. They say the net weight would be around 4 oz but it's usually more. They're pretty generous with their scoops. I've never had to go for more than one scoop but I know there are ice cream fanatics that would love to shove 3 scoops of ice cream in their face for only $4.50. Or if you only want a small taste, you can spend $1.25 for a half scoop.

Get as much or as little as you want. Nothing and no one is stopping you.
The only catch is that it's cash only. You should have at least $2 in cash with you at all times. Unless some punk kid is stalking you for $2 for his newspaper route.

Halo Pub
9 Hulfish St
Princeton, NJ 08542-3709
(609) 921-1710


  1. Man, I want to stuff my fat face full of 3 scoops of ice cream for 4.50. Wish Princeton was closer.


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