Monday, August 22, 2011


Doc Nut and are having monthly dinners now. We wanted to make sure that we get to see each other at least once a month. And we take turns picking a place to eat. This time it was her turn to pick. She picked Lure Fishbar located in Soho.

We arrived on time for our reservation but they kept us waiting. The restaurant seemed busy but there were some open tables. They just needed to be cleaned. However, we waited and waited well past our reservation. It was probably a 1/2 hour past when we finally sat down. I was pretty annoyed. We kept going  up to the hostess and she assured us that it would be any minute. No apology nor an offer to pay for drinks. Ugh.

However, I was happy to finally sit down and eat. Doc Nut started with the Calamari appetizer ($14) which came with the a smoked chili glaze. The serving was quite large but she ate it all. I guess she liked it.

I had the Fried Blue Point Oysters ($18). The half dozen bivalves were served back in their shell with some tartar sauce on top. These were just okay. I didn't think they were super fresh. Also, they added a lot of other ingredients as garnishes which just got in the way. I like my seafood prepared simply. Everything else is just unnecessary.
For her entree, she had the Steamed Red Snapper ($29) which came with bok choy, jasmine rice, and a red curry broth. Doc Nut enjoyed the dish but found some scales still on her fish. Not pleasant at all. Otherwise, it was tasty.
I had the Grilled Salmon ($26) which came with herbed spatzle, snow peas, bacon, and mustard butter. I ordered the salmon rare because I enjoy a nice raw salmon. The fish was cooked well and remained tender on the inside. The garnishes was okay.
Doc Nut also wanted to try a side dish so she ordered the Mac & Cheese with bacon and onions ($9). On the menu, this sounded amazing. However, in person, it was completely underwhelming. It was cheesy enough so it felt like eating a pasta salad. Honestly, the bacon did nothing for it either. It was just so meh especially since we were quite excited about it.
Seafood was one of my favorite things to eat. I had high hopes for Lure Fishbar but it just fell flat for me. The service was lackluster at the beginning, but during service it was just fine. Too bad the food was just meh and didn't do it for me. I don't think I would chose to come back here.

Lure Fishbar
142 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012-3806
(212) 431-7676

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