Thursday, August 18, 2011

ML HH: BeerParc [CLOSED]

The Midtown Lunch Happy Hour was 2 days ago. A bunch of people that follow the website and troll the forums get together over some beers and some food. This month, we headed out to BeerParc. It's a public plaza next to FoodParc with a large screen. They were playing Spaceballs that night. I was there for the mingling but having an awesome movie in the background is not something I would complain about.

Beer Parc is set up where you guy tickets ($3 each) from the lovely host at the end of the stands on the right. You can buy as many or as few as you want. Just keep in mind that most drinks and food will cost you at least 2-3 tickets each. Once you have your tickets in hand, head over to the stand that you want.

I headed inside for a refreshing beer. The beer counter is on the left. Pick you drinks, hand over 2 tickets and enjoy your cup of alcohol.

I had the Southampton Publick House Double White Ale on draft. It was refreshing, slightly fruity and citrusy. I enjoyed it.

A few other people ordered food. The fried chicken ($6) from Soi 29 was a popular one. Crispy, juicy, and tons of different flavors. It comes with a fish sauce for dipping but people said it was tasty on its own.

A sausage and broccoli rabe sandwich ($6) was also had. This was from DogParc. I think they was good but didn't stay late enough to pick their brains about it. Hopefully, he and she will comment about it.
BeerParc is a nice outdoor space that anyone can utilize. Don't feel as if you need to eat the food here. You can certainly purchase it from someplace else. However, I think the beer must be purchased from the premises. Although the ticketing system can be annoying, it's nice to have a space outside to sit back and enjoy. I would go back.

6th Avenue at 29th St
New York, NY


  1. wow that was a quick turnaround.

    the fried chicken was still very good eventhough it wasn't freshly fried.

    the hot sausage sandwich was very good, but odd because the guy sliced the sausage into medallions that easily fell out of the sandwich. he should have left it whole.

    prices were pretty standard for NYC and well worth it considering the large outdoor space.

  2. Fried chicken was alright, juicy and unique. Very shrimp-pasty, salty and accompanied by fish-sauce to liberally dip. I ended up with two boneless chicken fillets and no leg but who needs the bones.

    It was a nice HH outing. I wish they would Yankees games. If they don't play any NFL games, then I guess I shall not visit them again on Sunday, Monday or that occasional Thurs. :P


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