Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Trip to North Carolina (Part 11): Guglhupf Bakery

On my last day in NC, Ms Mandoo took me to a new bakery: Guglhupf. This German bakery specializes in its namesake bundt cake as well as several other European pastries.

The bakery itself is very large. You can order pastries at its storefront or walk back to the cafe where you can enjoy some savory breakfast/brunch items. It was really crowded the morning we went so we decided to buy some pastries to go instead.

I bought a bunch of things to share with Ms Mandoo and Mr Peanut head. First, a delicious elephant ear. I'm a fan of these from any place. So I had to try then out here. It was flaky, buttery, and delicious. The powdered sugar on top was unnecessary. I also bought a croissant because I love croissants. Buttery French bread. What's not to like? However, this version wasn't buttery enough and the flakiness suffered.

Ms Mandoo decided to try a date almond scone which was quite light and texturally pleasing. Only slightly sweet but incredibly crumbly, this scone was quite nice.

And here is the imfamouse guglhuph. Like I said earlier, it's like a bundt cake but unlike American cakes in general, it was slightly drier and only slightly sweet. The texture and flavor reminded me more of challah bread.
Here's a slice of the guglhuph. This would actually go really well with some afternoon tea.
And to round out the breakfast meal, I also ordered a bretzel stick with ham and cheese. The bread was slightly chewy but really nice and savory. I liked how they split the pretzel open and filled the inside with ham and cheese. A bit of scallions here would work wonderfully.
I would also like to mention that I had a cup of coffee too. The flavor was quite nice and well roasted. I can always enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Guglhuph was really nice and I would love to go back some day. Hopefully, next time we can enjoy some of the savory items as well. The outdoor garden is beautiful and would be nice to dine al fresco.

Guglhuph Bakery, Patisserie & Cafe
2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd #1
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 401-2600

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  1. I love Guglhupf! The signature bread at holiday time used to be impossible to get (after a feature on Food Network), but it helped to have relatives in the area for sure.


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