Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Trip to North Carolina (Part 2): The Pig

Another year, another trip to NC to visit my dear friend, Ms Mandoo. She's was my inspiration for this blog. My eating partner in crime. But she moved away to get some extended education. Sigh. I miss her. So I vowed to visit her every yeah and so I did and still do until she graduates and comes back home. Oh and I go with Mr Peanut head every year. He's always a good sport about traveling and BBQ for that matter.

So this year when we landed, Ms Mandoo was still busy at school/work. So she left us her car and a list of places to have lunch. She's such the good hostess! On the list, The Pig. I've read about it before when I was doing some research for this year's trip. I was excited and picked that as our lunch place. We drove around and found this assuming building. From the outside, I wouldn't be able to tell if this were a BBQ joint or not.

But you know there will be meat inside if that have this metal pig statue greeting you as you walk up to the front door.

The place was fairly empty when we showed up a a random time: 3pm. But the kitchen was still rocking out food. There were so many things that I wanted to order but alas, we were only 2 people. We ordered one plate each and sat while our food was cooked/plated.
Mr Peanut head had the fried catfish platter ($15) with a side of mashed potatoes and cheese grits. The fish was really nicely fried. The fish remained juicy and tasty while the crust was think yet crunchy. And look at the size of that catfish fillet! Huge! This platter could easily feed 2 people. As for the sides, they were fantastic. The mashed potatoes were whipped light but the gravy was very rich. They complemented each other really well. The gravy almost tasted like mushroom to me. As for the cheese grits, they were super cheesy. Look at that orange color! That's all cheese baby.
For myself, I had the fried chicken platter ($14) with a side of fried green tomatoes and cole slaw. I can't be in NC with eating their coleslaw. It's the only slaw that I enjoy. Less mayo, more tang. Just the way I like it. Anyway, the chicken. There were 3 pieces: thigh, drumstick, and breast. All were really crispy yet juicy inside. The chicken was so incredibly good. Damn, they really know how to fry food down South. The fried green tomatoes were wonderful as well. Super crispy on the outside and tangy soft on the inside. What I liked most about it is that they seasoned it very well. I loved this.
And here's my coleslaw. Chopped, vinegar based slaw. It's more refreshing, especially with the fried food, than heavy (like a lot of mayo laced slaw).
Although I didn't have any BBQ at The Pig, I was truly satisfied. I didn't finish my meal but they have containers on the counter for you to pack your food home. No nonsense just good food. I would definitely come back here.

The Pig
630 Weaver Dairy Road, #101
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 942-1133


  1. That's a ton of food. Way to go Hungry!

  2. No pork at a restaurant called "The Pig?" FAIL!

    just kidding. glad their other non-pig dishes were tasty.

  3. I've really got to start scheduling trips to the South now that I haven't got a scheduled one or two every year. I miss my barbecue!


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