Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Trip to North Carolina (Part 3): Yamazushi

This year's trip was really interesting. We didn't focus on a lot of BBQ like we normally do. Instead, we ventured out of the way to find some ethnic food. Why? My friend really missed it and wanted someone to try new things with. And that me! I'm her eating partner in crime. So off we went in look for something other than BBQ which NC has a lot of.

After our heavy lunch, Mr Peanut head and I weren't very hungry for dinner. However, we still wanted to have a meal with Ms Mandoo. So we decided to go have sushi. Yea, NC! Her roommate tagged along and we went to Yamazushi.

This family owned sushi restaurant is really cute. The decor is fantastic and really calming. They have a small sitting/waiting area in front that's just adorable. With only a few tables, the restaurant can get very full quickly. But it's worth the wait.

As an amuse bouche, they gave us all miso daikon. It was really light and refreshing. The miso flavor definitely shined through. Okay, my appetite was definite whet at this point.
I really wanted to try sea urchin out here so I ordered the Nigiri sushi as an appetizer ($5). It came with 2 pieces and it was super fresh. It didn't smell nor taste fishy at all. Instead, it was briny and tasted like the ocean. Fresh, light, creamy, delicious.
Ms Mandoo and her roommate ordered the spicy squid and seaweed salad appetizer special ($7) to start. The dish was light and a nice starter. The squid wasn't chewy at all and was cooked well. The only complaint was that it wasn't really spicy at all.
And this was the soy sauce container. Isn't this cute? All the dishes and containers are made by the owner (the father) of the restaurant. He even carves in a few poems on the back of the plates. Really nice touch.
For our entrees, Ms Mandoo's roommate had the Nigiri ($22). Her fish looked fresh and delicious. She enjoyed every bite. Though her one complaint was that it was too spicy from the wasabi. I suspected that it was the lump of wasabi that she mixed into her soy sauce and not the small dot of wasabi put on the rice of the nigiri. I don't get the whole wasabi in soy sauce thing. I like wasabi sure but I may not want it in every single bite. So I leave my soy sauce pure and pick up pieces of wasabi whenever I want it. Is that just me though?
I had the Sashimi and Nigiri Combo ($27) which came with mackerel, flounder, shrimp, tuna, salmon, salmon roe, white tuna, and octopus. I really liked how the chef made a rose from the flounder filets and a leaf from the wasabi. Little touches like these really make my day. I really enjoyed my food. The fish was fresh and tasted delightful. I was very happy.
Ms Mandoo has the Pork Tonkatsu ($22) which is a breaded fried pork chop. What's special about this pork is that it's actually Bershire pork. That's high quality. The dish came with spinach, carrots, and radish. I know she really enjoyed this and was raving about it.
Mr Peanut head had the Sashimi Omakase ($27) which looked great as well. He had very similar fish to what I had but he also had sea bream which is kind of like snapper. I know he really enjoyed this as well.
We all really enjoyed and loved Yamazushi. The food, the decor, the service was very good. Although our food did take a long time to come out, they did apologized profusely. We were in good moods and didn't mind the extra time to chat. I would absolutely recommend this place, no doubt.

4711 Hope Valley Road
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 493-7748

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