Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Trip to North Carolina (Part 5): Scratch Bakery

The next day, we decided to do a mini road trip. We were going to drive around to all our food destinations. First up, Scratch Bakery in Durham. You may recognize the name because it's been featured on a few food shows before. And for good reason, the food is good and the people are friendly. You can either sit inside or outside. We chose outside since it was morning and the heat didn't bother us yet.

One of their more popular items is the doughnut muffins($2 each). These little soft muffins tasted like cake doughnuts. Soft, sweet, and slightly fluffy. The chocolate and the buttermilk flavors were fantastic. They dust every doughnut muffin with cinnamon sugar which just added another delicious layer of sweetness. So good!

Here's a nice slice of a Spanish Omelet ($3-$4). It was light but filling. The eggs and thinly sliced potatoes were really nice. A great breakfast item.
I had the S.O.S which stands for shit on shingles. It's usually some browned meat on toast. I see this often in many Southern breakfast joints. Each place offers a different dish but the idea is the same. The version at Scratch Bakery included toast, bacon, creamed tomatoes, and a poached egg ($7.50). It was VERY good. Great even. The nicely toasted bread was topped with nuggets of bacon and deliciously sweet tomatoes. The richness from the creamy sauce was really nice. The decadence was only heightened by the runny egg yolk. So incredibly good.
And how could I not get a slice of pie too? I mean, they're known for their pies, right? So I had a slice of lemon chess pie ($3.50). It was very sweet but the lemon helped. The buttery, flaky crust was super good. The filling is ooey, gooey, good. This is an addicting piece of pie.
And finally, a delicious drip cup of coffee ($2.25). Strong, robust, but didn't taste burned. Just the way good coffee should taste.
I really liked Scratch Bakery. The food was very good and the service always had a smile. If you can't stop and sit for a meal, at least take some doughnut muffins to go.

Scratch Bakery
111 Orange Street
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 956-5200

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