Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ocha is so unassuming. It sits on Restaurant Row and seems pretty quiet considering that many of the other establishments on 46th St have people standing outside to lure people in. But I wanted sushi one day and this was the closest place. I've been here before for lunch, now I wanted dinner.

I didn't care for an appetizer because my entree came with soup or salad. I picked the Chirashi Don ($18) which is pieces of fish over rice. Normally this dish literally comes over rice. However, in this presentation it was plated. The fish was fresh and the pieces quite large. I liked the variety that they gave me which included: tuna, salmon, white tuna, shrimp, mackerel, yellowtail, etc. I definitely enjoyed this dish.

He had the Sashimi Regular ($19) which was very similar to my dish but without the rice on the plate. However, they gave him rice on the side anyway. So basically, we had the same dish. He had a couple of different pieces of fish, but overall they were the same.
We both enjoyed our dinner and was satisfied at the end. It's unfortunate that more people don't visit this restaurant. I think it's one of the better affordable sushi joints in the area.

350 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036-3882
(212) 581-3198

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