Friday, August 12, 2011

Peter Luger

Okay, so I talked up a storm about the Luger burger. I mean, it really was fantastic and changed the way I thought about burgers. Cheeseburgers to be exact. So when I got the chance to go back and have it for lunch, I didn't hesitate. This time included Mr. M&P but also Ms. Pastry Chef as well. She has never been for lunch so she was very excited.

We started off with the thick bacon ($3 each) and a side of onion rings ($10). The bacon was a little over charred this time but otherwise still salty, juicy, and meaty. So good. The onion rings aren't your normal battered kind. The batter or maybe even flour dusted rings are more flaky making a very light crust on meaty onions. It similar to onion strings but not as thin.

And now the burgers! I had a cheeseburger ($10; cheese +$1.50; fries +$2). The side of fries was much less this time but I didn't care. Their fries aren't anything to be raving about. It's really mostly about the burger.
That 1/2 pound of meat held together nicely between that hefty bun. Red in the middle, charred on the outside. The taste was phenomenal. I really enjoyed how it tasted like steak but it was a burger. So good!
To change things up slightly, we also got a side of creamed spinach ($10). Lots of spinach in this version which is the way I prefer it. I don't like completely soft creamed spinach. This version retained a nice texture.
The burger at Peter Luger remains my favorite. So good!

Peter Luger Steakhouse
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6131
(718) 387-7400


  1. i can haz cheeseburger?

    food looks great! gotta make an effort to go out there.

  2. My goodness that burger looks amazing! Never been to PL, but I really gotta get myself there.

  3. My favorite nyc cheeseburger, no question. Only thing I would have added as a dessert of apple strudel with a bunch of schlag. Damn great meal!

  4. I want their glorious burger again sometime.
    The raw onion that comes with it isn't bad either and I'm usually against. Onion, cheese and dry-aged beef between their buns is a winning combo!!


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