Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pho Grand

A few months ago, we went on a double date with Mr. M&P's cousins and her husband. We both recently got married and wanted to celebrate it with each other...over cheap Vietnamese food! I picked Pho Grand mainly for its location but also because it seemed well received by non-Vietnamese people. I'm not an expert by any means but I also didn't want to bring my guests to a hole in the wall either.

We started off with some beer and we ordered the 33. The woman convinced us that it was good so we went with it. It tasted like Bud-lite. And if you like that kind of taste then this would be very easy for you to drink. It worked for us.

And now the food. We started with an order of Goi Cuon and Goi Cuon Chay (summer roll with shrimp and without; $3.50 each). They tasted pretty good. The shrimp seemed fresh and the wrapper was still soft yet slightly chewy. The peanut sauce was licked up by our guests. They really liked it. It tasted more hoisin sauce-esque to me.

And now the main dishes came. We ordered Bo Xao Broccoli (beef with broccoli $8) and Ga Xao Xa Ot (lemongrass chicken $8). The beef was just okay and pretty much what you can get at any Asian restaurant. The chicken was much better. I liked that it had many different flavors ranging from savory to sweet to slightly spicy.
We also ordered a plate of Chinese long beans in oyster sauce ($7.50) because it's one of our guests favorites dishes. The flavor was very nice and the texture of the beans were snappy yet soft. I dislike it when restaurants serve old vegetables. This was hardly the case here.
To switch things up a bit, I also ordered Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong (spring rolls and grilled pork on rice vermicelli $7). I thought it would be something different from what they normally eat and it was! They even enjoyed it which I was happy about.

The vermicelli was bouncy and soaked up the fish sauce very well. The spring rolls were crispy with the pork pieces were charred, savory nuggets of meat. I think you're supposed to eat this with lettuce leaves. I think we just ate this as is.
We were pretty satisfied with the food at Pho Grand. Each of the main dishes came with rice so we didn't have to order any extra. Also, the flavors were nice but not overwhelming. I think this is a great place to start people off with more "exotic" food though I don't know of the authenticity of it. I just know I liked it and would go back.

Pho Grand
277C Grand Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 965-5366

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