Thursday, August 4, 2011

PJ's Pancake House

PJ's Pancake House may seem like a diner to any old person passing on the street. What you don't know is that their namesake is something they're really good at doing. I self admit that my pancakes are downright boring and sometimes even terrible. I need to learn a thing or two from the line chefs here.

Anyway, PJ's Pancake House is a pretty popular destination to eat on the weekends. You'll often find a line outside the door. Come with a small group and you'll be seated faster. Larger groups and families will have a bit of a wait. But please, do wait.

I started my breakfast (which is served all day long) with a nice tall glass of chocolate milk. So sweet and delicious. Brings me back to the days when I was young.

At PJ's you can get an omelets with a side of hashbrowns and toast. I think this is their Western omelet. Be warned, it's a nice large serving that will leave you wanting an early nap.
Or try a mushroom omelet. Either way, you're getting a lot of food.
Or go for their signature pancakes which are uber fluffy, thick, and large with a side of sausage and eggs.
One of their more popular pancakes is the chocolate chip. Look at those chips strewn across the yellow pancake. Little dots of sweetness only to be blanketed with more sweetness from the cake and even more from the maple syrup. Like butter with your pancakes? No problem. They give you a nice serving if whipped butter that's soft and really easy to spread. Butter, sweet, cakey, chocolaty goodness.
I ventured a little off the beaten path and chose the corn pancakes. You read that right, corn pancakes. These were awesome. They used their normal pancake batter and added corn kernels throughout the whole thing. This made it sweeter than normal without making it seem like dessert. It was really, really good. The pancake itself was so fluffy and soft. The serving was huge with 2 large flapjacks. It was almost too much to finish. Almost.
And to top it off, I had a side of breakfast sausage which were really tasty. These weren't your normal skinny breakfast sausages. Nope. These were thick, juicy, and really flavorful with a nice snap to the skin.
I enjoyed PJ's Pancake House. The service was nice and the food great. It's exactly what you would want at a diner like place. Get the pancakes and you won't be disappointed.

PJ's Pancake House
154 Nassau St
Princeton, NJ 08542-7006
(609) 924-1353


  1. I really want to go here. I almost want to 'vacation' in Princeton bc of your food posts.

  2. Me would like pancakes, eggs, and sausages. Looks like a gewd breakfast. Heck, I would eat that for dinner.


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