Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweetery Truck

So I finally made it out to the Sweetery Truck. I'm not sure I procrastinated so long about getting dessert here but I'm glad I finally went. I decided not to go all out on one trip but instead buy 1 item on each of the multiple trips I made. I think that would be a better judge of their consistency and quality of products.

I started off the taste test with a classic chocolate chip cookie. Not bad. Sorry about the picture. I forgot to take one of the whole cookie before I devoured it.

The cookie itself is pretty flat and large but the chips were strewn throughout and the cookie was sweet. I enjoyed this.
Nest up, a red velvet whoopie pie. Whoopie pies in general have been making a comeback in the dessert scene. And why wouldn't it? It's soft cake layering some delicious icing in the middle. It's a travel version of cake. No cupcake aren't travel version. They're still messy. Try peeling a cupcake wrapper and walking at the same time. Not fun. But a whoopie pie is cake in sandwich form.
The whoopie pie at Sweetery was pretty good as well. The cake was soft and moist and the filling was sweet and creamy. I didn't think the cake had enough red velvet flavor though. I was craving a Cake Man Raven type flavor. I didn't get it here.
And lastly, I tried a peanut butter cookie. This was just okay. I didn't think the peanut butter flavor was pronounced enough. I made my own peanut butter cookies before and this just didn't compare.
Overall, I liked the dessert at the Sweetery Truck. I think they make decent stuff. Obviously some things are better than others just like at any place. I would definitely go back to try some more of their goodies.

Sweetery Truck
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