Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Nights: Hofbrau Bierhaus

Towards the end of the last year, my friends thought that we weren't hanging out enough. It's true, we weren't. So they started Tuesday night get-togethers. Every Tuesday, we'll pick a bar to drink, eat, and hang out for a couple of hours. Whoever can make it will attend. If you're busy, it's okay. There's always next week. So this is Tuesday Nights on Tasty Eating where you will find bars that serve food and how we like them.

Recently, we headed out to: Hofbrau Bierhaus
Hofbrau Bierhaus is a rather new German bar with all things Munchen. Their dedication to Oktoberfest and Hofbrau beer is certainly apparent through their food, beer, and music. As I walked up to the door that leads to the staircase up to the 2nd floor, you can hear the polka band playing. They mostly cover modern songs but in polka. Interesting indeed. The vibe was mostly after work drones trying to loosen up. It was quite crowded at 7pm and tables are first come first serve, even if your whole party isn't there yet. But as the night rolled on, the place emptied out a bit but still remained quite busy.

The first thing about Hofbrau is the beer. Every beer can be order in 0.5 liter ($8), 1 liter ($16), or 2 liters ($32). The Original Lager is what most people ordered due to clean, crisp flavors. But I had the Dunken which is a dark lager which has a nice roasted caramel flavor but remained light and crisp. A very easy to drink darker beer.

If you're brave and want to put on a show, you can order the Bierhaus Shotski ($20) which is 4 shots of Killepitsch served on a long ski. The shots are taken all at once by 4 people standing side by side holding the ski.

And now onto the food. There's a wide variety of things to order but we set our eyes on just one thing: the Wilhelm Sampler Platter ($36). It's listed to serve 6-8 people. Oh but it could serve 10 people.
The first thing that came out were the Bavarian pretzels and potato pancakes. There were 4 soft pretzels with a nice crusty outside and plenty of potato pancakes. Too many to count actually. The pretzels were really nice. Well salted and tasty. The potato pancakes were hockey pucks though. Really over fried and hard. Even a heavy hand of sour cream couldn't save these. And when they cooled off, they became even harder. Watch out for your teeth.
Then the plate of weiners, sauerkraut balls, red and white cabbage arrived. The weiners were similar to hot dogs but quite tasty. The cabbage was a tangy and worked well with the other heavy foods.
The sauerkraut balls contained the pickled cabbage and ham. I think it also contained potatoes because it was very creamy in texture. The outside was well fried and crispy while the inside was soft and tasty.
Lastly the vinegar based potato salad and variety of sauces, including spicy brown mustard, maple mustard, sour cream, and apple sauce. The potatoes tasty light and refreshing for being what it was. The vinegar really worked its magic in this spud salad.
Hofbrau Bierhaus was really fun. The music was funny, the food enjoyable, the beer good, and the crowd unoffensive. Yeah it can get packed and douchetastic at times but grab a table instead and enjoy yourself. Besides, there are large security guards walking around to control the crowds and probably also protect the lederhosen clad waitresses.

Hofbrau Bierhaus
712 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10017
(212) 867-2337

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