Monday, September 12, 2011

FBM Potluck 7

Oh yeah baby! Another potluck with my FBM friends. This time it was hosted in Queens with a pool and some docks. A true outdoor potluck. The weather was really nice that day. Not too hot and sunny. The grill was fired up, the dogs were running around, and we ate and drank ourselves merry. Then swam drunkenly until we got hungry again. It was totally epic!

The food stated with some shrimp ceviche from CT. Soooo good and refreshing. Honestly, it was the PERFECT start to the day. The shrimp was fresh and the abundance of avocados was really nice. Refreshing and light. I really liked this dish.

TC brought all sorts of delicious pates and all the girls swooned then shortly swooped in to devour the food. He brought a ridiculous amount and a nice variety for everyone to share. On the left is pheasant, then rabbit, then venison. Some mini toasts and cornichons to complement the richness of the pates. So good!

But it didn't stop there. He also brought pork and duck pate, canard foie gras, and felino sausage. Talk about over-indulging! Everything was so delicious and I could have slowly eaten this all day. But there was more food to be had and well...I had to share. By the way, my favorite was the foie gras (naturally) but I liked the venison pate out of all the pates.
The rest of the FBMers took advantage of the grill and made some tasty treats. Meaty treats. Here are some hot dogs and grilled vegetables. I'm glad to have vegetables at a bbq. Keeps me in check AND it actually helps me eat more.
My contribution this time was galbi (Korean short ribs) and a side squeeze bottle of gochujang (Korean spicy paste). I didn't like the quality of the meat but I cooked it anyway. Many of the pieces were small and contained lots of fat. I like a good ratio of fat to meat. But I grilled them the best that I could with a nice char on the outside. I think these were well received. Oh and no secret to the marinade. I use the jarred kind.
Feisty Foodie also made burgers (she made the hot dogs and vegetables too). I thought it was cute that they were varying in size. Why? Because sometimes I don't want to eat bread. A meatball sized burger would be perfect. Oh and she added bacon fat to the meat. Oh, she know the keys to my heart.
My burger glory! Must eat while hot off the grill.
TT and CT also grilled up some corn. Oh man, this was a complete summer bbq for me. I LOVE CORN!! I broke one in half for myself. Then waited and ate another half. Can't have too much corn.
What? Another thing of grilled vegetables? No, silly. These are the grilled onions and peppers for...
The sausages!! Thanks to TT for this great addition. I think he cooked up some chorizo (SOOO GOOD!) and chicken sausages. And he got it from our favorite butcher at Esposito's!
Cheese brought some marinated fish and grilled them until they caramelized well. It was teriyaki based which means one of my favorite base sauces: soy sauce. I think he had mahi mahi and salmon. I kept picking at this even though I was so full. Need bigger stomach.
Nommables made Bo Nuong Xa which is Vietnamese grilled beef skewers. Unfortunately he wasn't happy with his product. He said that the grill didn't char the meat like he would have liked. I ate it anyway. Meat on stick = good in my book.
He also made orange lace cookies which were really great!
Really thin and delicious. Sweet but nice citrus contrast. Good thing these were thin and there were plenty of them. We ate these so quickly!
Late in the night, we ate some sausages. Feisty Foodie brought it. And people thankfully soaked up some of the booze they were drinking with this meat.
The day was mostly a haze in my memory. A delicious haze. I also made some ice cream sandwiches that melted too much. Sorry guys! I also didn't take pictures of the drinks which Feisty Foodie worked hard on. She made adult punch and a bastardized version of mojitos. Whatever, lime and leafy herb is all I need. They tasted good and was secretly potent. Jumping in a cold pool was necessary at one point.

Anyway, thanks to Feisty and exBF for hosting. AWESOME TIME!


  1. That was a REALLY awesome potluck! Melty or not, the ice-cream sandwich made a delightly post-swim, post-siesta snack!

    Glad you enjoyed the ceviche too! :)

  2. Great summer potluck with everyone. I had an awesome time eating and floating in the pool.

    Galbi was really good and still wish I had that strawberry ice cream sandwich.

  3. (F)ish, (B)o Nuong Xa, and lots and lots of grilled (M)eats


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