Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fresh & Fast Burgers

A few weeks ago, I found myself in between apartments. Basically, I was homeless. I stayed with a dear friend (Mr. Peanut Head). I was very grateful for his hospitality. In the meantime, I lived out of a duffel bag. That means no real access to a kitchen. So during those days, I went out to grab lunch. It would be easy to stop by my local favorites but I tried really hard to find new places instead. So off I went, and fattened myself nicely in a couple of weeks.

The first place was Fresh & Fast Burgers in the Flatiron area. I took the subway down from Midtown. I'm not adverse to traveling for food. I welcome it actually. It's a nice break from work and I get to be outside.

Fresh & Fast Burgers is pretty small and most people order take out. But there is a small counter area to the left if you feel like eating in. The menu is really simple which makes ordering really fast. After you order and pay, you get one of those remotes and vibrates when your food is ready. Unfortunately for me, my order somehow got screwed up and I waited and watched as other patrons walked up with their remotes lit up for food. I approached the same cashier and she immediately remembered me. She looked up my order and put a rush on it. She also apologized, as did the manager. I received my order about 5 minutes after. I was really happy that they moved to quickly and efficiently to fix my order. That's good customer service. I certainly did not leave with any soured feelings.

Back at my cubicle I opened up my bounty which was the #2 combo ($9.50). I had a cheeseburger, fries, and drink.
The cheeseburger itself was tasty and well cooked. The meat had a nice rich flavor probably due to its fat content and seasoning while the vegetables freshened it up and added a nice crunch factor. The bread was soft as any standard burger bun should be. I could definitely eat this again. In fact, I would eat it again.
The fries suffered a bit from the subway ride home. But they certainly made the other strap hanger suffer as well since the smell was intoxicating. Fried potatoes is a good thing. Anyway, I did have a few fries while waiting for the train. They were crispy and well salted. They're a little overdone for my tastes. They gave off an almost charred taste. Though soft, I still managed to eat a good portion of them. I never really say no to fries, good or bad.
I think Fresh & Fast Burgers is good. They're certainly fast and definitely sated by burger craving. Though Shake Shack is just up the street, this would be a great alternative to the long line in Madison Sq Park. Besides, they also have A/C and cover from the rain and wild city animals.

Fresh & Fast Burgers
111 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010-3601
(646) 454-9133


  1. hmmm... those fries do look good. i always wondered why they opened so close to shake shack, since the competing business must be difficult. they seem to price similarly to shake shack too... i wonder if the main selling point is less wait. so the question is... is it better than shake shack? close to it?

  2. @Danny: I don't think the burger is better than Shake Shack but the fries are. And really, who wants to wait that long for fast food. I don't.

  3. well there ya have it. shake shack isn't fast food!

    i like shack fries! mmm crinkles.

    never been to Fresh & Fast and don't see a reason to, ha.

    Schnippers is opening a location across from Shake Shack very soon.

  4. Schnippers opens today if press releases can be believed.


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