Saturday, September 24, 2011

I just can't get enough Parsi food!!

My in laws are really good to me. Whenever I'm over, they like to feed me crazy good homemade food and they also push alcohol on me. Hahahaha! The Parsi food is ridiculously good and I always welcome it. Below, a plate of delicious bounty.

First up, biryani with eggs on top. This mixed rice boasts a lot of flavor but isn't spicy. It's very mild in heat but the flavor is not. I'm not sure which Indian spices are in it but it's just good. And eggs, I love eggs!

Here's a lentil based "curry" called dhansak. You'll see many different versions ranging in color and thickness. I like my dhansak to be on the thicker side. I think it coats the rice better than way. Again, the rich color certainly shows what kind of flavors to expect. Smooth yet deep in flavor. It's like a kicked up version of creamed lentil soup.
Salad to keep everyone's system happy.
A side of yogurt raita. I'm not usually a fan of yogurt things. And again, I was right. I wasn't into this. But the rest of the family was.
We finished off the meal with some leftover tiramisu. I'm not sure who made it though. Oh well!

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  1. Wow, great meal. They spoil their daughter-in-law well!


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