Friday, September 2, 2011

Jacques Torres

I was craving something sweet one day and decided to venture out for a chocolate chip cookie. I was hoping that one of the sweets trucks was around but unfortunately it was too late in the day. So I walked around thought about Jacques Torres in Rockefeller Center. I walked in a ordered a cookie which was kept warm on a hot plate. I took my soft, warm cookie back to my desk and enjoyed it.

The cookie was really good. Instead of of chips or chunks of chocolate, melted chocolate is folded into dough. That results in layers of chocolate and dough all warm and melty. I was extremely happy with it. I would definitely go back for another one any time.

Jacques Torres @ Rockefeller Center
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Concourse
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-1804


  1. Best chocolate chip cookies ever! It's those verona chocolate chips that make it so good, along with lots of buttah. :)

  2. One of my fav chocolate chip cookies.
    JT sells the mix too. I was so happy my friend's GF baked them one yr.

    Levain Bakery beats their pants off though IMO but that's cuz their cookie is as big as a muffin top.

  3. Oooh... I've never had, but it looks fantastic! I'll have to try it soon!


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