Friday, September 30, 2011

Lucky's Famous Burgers

If you don't know me, then you don't know that I really like burgers. Cheeseburgers to be more precise. I think it's the perfect meal or snack. It covers most of the major food groups and will always leave you satisfied. When I'm presented with a really fine burger, I'm as happy as can be. It's all the other ones that leave me less than content. But there's no way for me to tell what's good or not without actually trying them out, right? So my burger adventure rides again. This time to Lucky's Famous Burgers with TC in tow.

Their storefront in Hell's Kitchen is medium sized. There's a small counter to order and pick up your food while a few sparse tables are available for those who want to eat in. When I went for lunch, most people ordered take out. I had the luxury of sitting and staying so that I could enjoy the company of my friend. I ordered the Lucky Meal ($10) with the Lucky Cheddar Burger, fries, and a soda. Their soda machine was broken so I was able to get a bottled one instead.

Their burgers are made from Angus beef and served on a choice of potato or whole wheat bun. Naturally, I picked the former. So how did the burger taste? Just okay. It wasn't really juicy nor was it dry. It was somewhere in between. The flavor was lacking. I suppose it could use more seasoning. The cheddar cheese was nice because it was completely melted onto the burger encasing it. The lettuce, tomato, and onion was just forgettable. The bread was nice and soft though and held together through the very last bite.

While I sipped on my soda, TC had the chocolate milk shake ($4) which he said was just okay. Hmm, I sense a trend.
The accompanying fries were crispy indeed but nothing to really rave about. They were mediocre just like the rest of the meal.
Lucky's tries to change things up by offering their own special sauce. However, it tasted off like a mixture of ranch plus smokiness. Maybe bacon ranch sauce. That normally would be awesome but this version was not. I stuck to ketchup and mustard.
Lucky's Famous Burgers was just meh for me. I could ignore everything else if they had a solid burger. But they didn't. It was just okay. If someone want to go there, I wouldn't say no but there are better places not too far from there.

Lucky's Famous Burgers
370 W 52nd St # 1
New York, NY 10019-6274
(212) 247-6717‎

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  1. Thanks again for the Lucky lunch, H. Appreciate it.

    Food and shake were only ok. Nothing special. I ate and drnak it with no issues though but pronbably not go out of my way for their foodz. Schnipper's clearly was better.


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