Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 1): LGA Airport

So this trip to Atlanta, Georgia concludes my travel to the South this year. It was a spontaneous trip that a few of the young cousins decided to take together. Lucky for us, some cousins from Hong Kong were visiting as well. It turned out to be quite the trip. Mostly relaxing at the pool and eating delicious food. We stayed with family and enjoyed their luxurious home only being pampered by the head of the house who is also a trained culinary chef. Did I mention I ate well? Oh yes I did. The next few posts will mostly go over the redonkulous food I ate on the trip. The meals were mostly prepared by our cousin, The Chef. Enjoy!

Whenever I travel, I like to eat at the airport before I board the plane. Why? Most airline food is terrible. This is especially true when you always fly coach, as I do. So when I was traveling to Atlanta from the Delta terminal in LGA, I was happy to find a stand for La Frieda burgers. Okay, I've come to the realization that eating healthier before a flight definitely leaves me feeling less bloated and cranky. But how could I not have a hyped Pat La Frieda burger?! It's all the rage now, isn't it? So I drank the kool aid and said baaaaa.

The food stand works with some computer monitors/kiosks set up for people to order by themselves. This saves the company money since they don't have to hire people to take orders. However, this causes a lot of problems. One: people are generally slow with kiosks; Two: people will always have problems; Three: gaggles of rude people will hover over their kiosk for no reason. After that debacle and giving lots of people dirty looks for being rude, I finally received my burger: The American and a side of onion rings ($10). I wanted something really simple so it wouldn't be messed up and it would come out quickly. My plan worked beautifully.

I sat down near the gate and ate my beef patty with American cheese and a soft hamburger bun. It had good flavor (probably from the grease/fat) and was quite moist. I actually really enjoyed it and could honestly say it's been one of the better burgers I've had at airports.
The onions rings were very crispy. They reminded me on FunYuns. So they tasted like fake onions to me. I'm not sure if I would get the onion rings again since the grease level was through the roof.
Mr. M&P had a burger with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. Woah, that's a lot for food right before a flight. But whatever, he enjoyed it and was happy. A little messy but happy.
One gripe, since there was no one at the front taking orders, no one knew about all the ketchup dispensers being empty. This burger would have been better with it but at least it was fatty enough to overcome it.

Pat La Frieda Burgers
Delta Terminal
LaGuardia Airport
Queens, NY

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