Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 2): Breakfast

It was pretty much decided early that we weren't really going to go into town on this trip. We wanted to relax at the house and enjoy ourselves. We'll do the touristy thing another time. So we sat back and was fed disgustingly good food. Today, one of the many breakfasts famously prepared by The Chef. Those are fresh blueberry pancakes with a side of thick black pepper bacon, breakfast sausage, and a croissant. Oh man, it was so incredibly good. The real maple syrup just added to the decadence that was endured.

If that wasn't enough, he brought out eggs too. Two fried eggs, perfectly runny yolks and lots of butter. Luckily I still had some croissant to soak up all that buttery, egg yolk-y goodness. All this food certainly helped fuel my many hours of swimming in the pool.

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