Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 2): Steak Dinner

For lunch, we ate some leftover pizza that was re-heated in the pizza oven. It was mushrooms, goatcheese, and tomatoes. I didn't take any pics though. Sorry! However, I was saving my appetite for later that night. Why? We were going to have steaks. Deliciously beefy steaks. He went out and bought prime rib eyes for really cheap. By cheap, I mean about $8/lb. Yeah prime grade rib eye steaks people! Yeah he bought a whole rack but still, so cheap! He cooked the steaks with lots of butter and some sort of fat. He also made potatoes paesan which is almost like potato latkes and cooked asparagus.

He also made this mushrooms brandy sauce for the steaks using both morels and chanterelles. This creamy sauce took days to cook, reduce, and refine. That's his French culinary skills talking. Honestly, that sauce was the best thing ever! It was better than the steak which was very good. But that sauce. Oh mean that mushroom sauce with slight creaminess and some brandy flavor. I think he roasted some bones for the base of the broth. It was ridiculous. I would have happily taken a frozen container home but I flew without checking in baggage. It will forever live as a wonderful food memory of mine.

The Chef has commercial grade kitchen ware in his home which also means commercial grade btu stove and oven. Look at that nice brown crust hugging the read meaty beef inside. So juicy, so flavorful, so good.
This meal was really crazy good. The steak, the potatoes, the asparagus, and that crack sauce. Everything was thought out and cooked perfectly. I strive to cook like this one day. One day.

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