Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 3): Cacao

While driving around the city, we passed by a chocolate shop that I remembered seeing on TV. I think it might have been on Food Network's Unique Eats. Anyway, we stopped in and I took a look around the shop.

It was small but had a lot of things to offer. There are even chocolate or coffee drinks for the thirsty. I think there was even a small freezer in the back that held ice cream.

Lots of shelves lined the store with sweets and confections.
Or you can watch their chocolate machine temper chocolate all day.
Buy something to go or sit in their cafe area to rest and take a break from the Southern summer heat.
But I had my mind on only one thing: Chocolate salami ($25). This little nub of dark chocolate covered butter shortbread and amaretto biscotti definitely caught my attention. I remembered it from the TV episode. Form and shaped to resemble Italian cured meat, I was hooked even with the premium price.

When you slice into it, the cookies and chocolate form a salami look. The cookies look like fat dots in a smooth chocolaty texture. And the taste? Just okay actually. The chocolate tasted a little off. Not sure if it was my palate, the changes in temperature while in transport, or the chocolate itself. It just didn't taste like any chocolate I've had before. But it was interesting and don't regret purchasing it. I thought it's a really cute idea.
Cacao is a really sweet shop with lot of things to look at and purchase. Their salted caramel ($1.25) was actually pretty divine and wouldn't mind having another one of those right about now.

2817 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 437-8585

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