Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 3): Chinese Ribs

For our last night, we dined on some fine tasting Chinese style ribs which were slow cooked then fired up for a nice charred glaze. The white rice and stir fried bok choy was light and worked well with the heavier meat.

But before that, we snacked on an appetizer of grilled shrimp.

This was so incredibly good. Simply cooked with then tossed with lime juice and parsley (I think). Really addicting. That huge plate disappeared really quickly.
And here are the ribs. There were 2 trays of these. The meat was tender but didn't fall off the bone. Just the way Chinese ribs should be. Some kind of give should remain and your teeth should tear it off easily. The flavor was savory and yet slightly sweet. It tasted like roast pork/char siu but this was the rib version. Some places in Chinatown serve this.
The boy choy was cooked and tossed with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. Tender, juicy veggies were necessary to cut the fat from the pork.
And last some white rice to soak up all that deliciousness from the pork and veggies.
And here's my first plate which had a little of everything. Don't worry though. Once I took this picture, I put my camera down and chowed down on the ribs. I went through about 6 and then called it quits. My stomach was happy but not hurting. Another fantastic meal by The Chef.

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