Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 3): Henri Bakery

Earlier in the day, we had stopped at a bakery: Henri's. This unassuming stand alone bakery offered so much more than I had assumed.

Cute and quaint inside, I thought it was a ho hum kind of place.

Faced with counter, I couldn't stop looking at all the different shortbread cookies. They're different colors but all taste the same. The woman behind the counter then proceeded to give each and every one of us a shortbread cookie to taste. It was REALLY good!! Super buttery and just crumbled in my mouth. This could be the best shortbread cookie I've ever had. Keep in mind I don't have much experience in shortbread but it was so good. We definitely took a bag back to the house.
They also had a nice variety of other desserts from cookies, to cakes, to tarts, etc.
We wound up getting a big box of pastries for dessert after dinner. I don't remember all of them but I know there was tiramisu, opera cake, chocolate mousse, fruit tart, lemon tart, cannoli, etc. From the ones I tried later that night, they were very good. Sweet but not cloying and nice rich flavors. I remembered that the lemon tart was very nice. I would definitely go back for more desserts.

Henri's Bakery
61 Irby Avenue Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30305-1857
(404) 237-0202‎

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